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Review of Related Literature and Studies This chapter presents the deferent related literature and studies; both local and foreign, which supports the researchers on this study. It Is also a review of the existing literature relevant to the topic of social conformity among adolescents. A. Related Literature (Foreign) Adolescent’s social conformity can be described as the influence exerted by a peer group in encouraging a person to change his or her attitudes, values, or behaviors to conform to the group.

A person affected by conformity may or may not want to along to these groups. They may also recognize dissociation groups that they do not wish to belong to, and therefore adopt behaviors In opposition to those of the group (Adams, 1996). In the same vein, according to Harris (1 998), conformity can cause people to do things they would not normally do, (e. G. , use of alcohol, drugs, smoke, have a Job, have children and buy expensive items).

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Additionally, while pressure from peer groups is undoubtedly influential, most teens choose friends that share common views about behaviors such as drinking or drug use. Pursuit (1999) stated that the good kid’ who falls In with the bad crowd Is the exception, not the rule. ” undergrads (2001 ) stated that adolescents spend more than half of their time in the company of their peers, and therefore it is not surprising that peers play an influential role in the adolescents’ lives.

He added that credibility, authority, power and the influence of peers are greater during adolescence stage than any other time in life. Similarly Enough (2002) argued that the peer group Is the unit of social life during adolescence; therefore, the adolescent’s personality Is Influenced by his/her social life and his/her group. Experiences with peers constitute an important developmental context for adolescents (Rubin, Bouzoukis, & Parker, 2006). Adolescent’s experiences with peers occur on several different levels: general interactions with peers, friendships, and In groups.

Social competence reflects a child’s capacity to engage successfully with peers at different levels. Related Studies (Foreign) The classic work on conformity is the experiment conducted by Cash (1946). Subjects were placed in groups whose other members were secretly confederates of the researcher; they were asked to estimate the geometric length of a line by matching it tit one of three lines after some of the other group members had given their opinion one at a time.

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