The Nichomacean Ethics Assignment

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The Nicomachean Ethics: Best moral guide for the youth. The Nicomachean Ethics ; this ten book account of Aristotle’s view on ethics stands as on of the best works of philosophy because it took a deep look into ethics pointing out what it takes for humans to reach happiness in their lifetime and how best a person can be virtuous. It also addresses the other views on happiness an attempts to explain human’s flawed conception of what happiness is. He believes happiness is not Just one state of being but it is something we toil on throughout our lives by doing good and living virtuously.

A student of Socrates Aristotle believed and avidly practiced philosophy that asked the question about how man should live a fulfilled life. One main factor is always understanding, being knowledgeable is what separates us as humans and hence humans must use reason in accomplishing anything. For instance moral virtue and ethics as pointed out by him humans can learn to be ethically and morally good by learning from what society tell them is good.

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In the Nicimachean ethics Aristotle sought to make man understand how to go about life, practicing the right morals and ethics to achieve the ultimate good that is appiness. As a new student to philosophy, my knowledge and understanding of human nature was almost non-existent. So for the most part in my almost two decades of being human I have not completely understood elements in life and have found myself lost and confused especially in the transition period of being a teenager. The period where you find yourself burdened by hormones and are taunted by the unhappiness that growing pains bring.

A pain like no other you have ever experienced, at this time we all start to see the world in a different light, we realize it is harder and that pain is unavoidable. So we Join the masses of humans in the pursuit of happiness. Happiness that seems to be the one thing we all seek among all else. As Aristotle points out it is the highest good and the end toward which all human activity is directed; in achieving this good one must continuously practice good ethics which can be defined as continuous contemplation of eternal and universal truth.

This good is what I now strive to achieve as a better informed person I can now attribute Aristotle’s ethical teachings to my life; practicing moral responsibility, demonstrating good ethics, thirst for knowledge that is good, and earning the stark difference between temperance/physical pleasure and actual good pleasures, understanding your choices and making conscious decisions and also having a firm and clear disposition bout doing things.

Following these practices will lead you to the state of well-being everybody craves for before they die. These teachings are held to such a high esteem today because Aristotle grasped the key features in human nature and highlighted the elements we need to be better persons and live happy, this apt understanding of ethics is what made Aristotle one f the great and his philosophy can be attributed to human life today and years to come because things such as ethics and virtue are what make up a good character.

In todays world I Delleve tne Nlcomacnean Etnlcs Is one to llve Dy as It teacnes not only the essential human nature but also hard work , these books are an amazing tool for preaching good morals and hardwork to the children as they enter the teen years, their years of wonder. I believe this will make a big impact on their lives and guide them through the hard times of pre-teen.

If the kids learn that happiness is omething you actively work on throughout your life they will be less prone to grow up a materialistic generation that thinks they can be happy by acquiring the material things society throws at them. They will also learn how to deal with the extremes of vice and virtue and that virtuous acts require conscious choice and moral purpose or motivation. This will be the perfect in nourishing the young seeds of morality in their minds to something good, this text will broaden their mind and mold their view and approach to adult life as it has mine.

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