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Mill argues that intellectual pleasures are superior to bodily pleasures (Mill, Utilitarianism, Chapter 2). Rationality separates us from others. The ability to think rational will help us in making the right choices/ The right and wrong of acts depend on the consequences that will follow. We look at a means for an end. We can find good when helping others. It makes them happy as well as we feel a satisfaction of knowing they are happy. What path or rule do you follow to achieve the good? (1-2 sentences) Kant – Demonology For Aristotle, virtue is the way to achieve the good.

Moral virtue is a state of character and can only be acquired by habit. In other words, we need to practice being morally virtuous in order to be virtuous. Aristotle describes moral virtue as a mean. We act morally, if we do the right thing, at the right time, ‘With reference to the right objects, towards the right people, with the right motive and in the right way” (Mechanical Ethics, Book II, 1 and 6; see also Moore and Border, 2011, p. 265). The greatest good for the greatest number. According to Mill Utilitarianism evaluates the consequences, good ND bad that will determine what will bring the most of the decision that we make.

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I believe that when making a decision it is important to look at all the pros and cons. Respect others so that in return I will receive respect. Treat others the way I want to be treated. In order to be happy you must do things that will make you happy. The choices we make depends on what our happiness consists of. We feel good about helping others in need. Helping others can show that there are people in the world that care about the nature of others. Assumptions or requirements (2??4 sentences) It is wrong and unfair to assume the worst in people without first knowing the truths that lie within them.

Men/women are responsible for the moral decisions (right/wrong) that they make. Mill said that there are some kinds of pleasures that are more desirable and valuable to different individuals. Pleasures are dependent on quality and quantity. Mill was accused of deducing that people desire their own happiness before the happiness of others. (Mechanical ethics, book 1, chapter 4). According to Kant we are unable to logically lie and want truth to remain intact. Logical thinking comes social choices in decision making.

The first assumption is that after all is said and done, only the results of our actions remain, therefore, the results are what a moral theory should focus on. The second assumption is that we love others as much as we love ourselves. This assumption means that we will act to promote the overall good, so long as that action “does not hurt others more” (Haines, 2006). We need to work together in order to provide justice in the world. Caring for others can open up the hearts and minds of all individuals that will also provide pleasure and respect of being able to help there in need.

Simon Well made the comment that ” the soul empties itself of all Its own contents in order to receive into itself the being it is looking at” (1977,pop). Provide an example of how this ethical theory might work (5 or more sentences) I feel that virtue ethics can be the best choice that we use when it come s to ethical theories. We as humans make the choices that we feel will be the best for us. Being virtuous provides a path for us to be wise, happy, and help us to act in all situations. If, make the choice to follow the rules then I will be happy and wise in other decisions that make in future tuitions. M the person that I am because of the choices that I make in my life that provides me with happiness. Each person is responsible for themselves. I made the decision to choose another job that I would feel less stress and get enjoyment and happiness from not being stressed out everyday. According to Mill, one should not strive for individual happiness, that happiness for others as well as yourself. People that are honest and reasonable accept utilitarianism ethics by having the desire to be happy and acceptable. Deal with moral dilemmas in a fair and rational way.

Rationality gives us the capacity to know right from wrong. Look at the truth, meanings and intentions of actions and treat all others equally. How a person acts in a moment, acting on a response but doing it with the morally right responses. Promote freedom and survival. Consequentiality looks at consequences and decides on actions that will be of help for the greater amounts of people. My best friend comes to me asking for advice. She is having problems in her marriage and just found out she is pregnant. Due to the economic downturn, she may lose her job in the coming months.

Her relationship with her husband is strained and is having a serious emotional toll on her. She is considering an abortion. I am the career and she is the cared-for. I do not consider her unborn child because my friend is the one in immediate pain or peril. I recommend counseling. Also try and gently ask questions to see what options she has and what she has thought about. Do not tell her what think she should do in this case or what think is right or wrong. Only ask how can help her.

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