Philosophy of Education Assignment

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Philosophy of Education I believe that as a teacher I must first believe in my students. When I enter the classroom, I will look into the faces of each of my students and see them reach their greatest potential while in my care. I will make it an obligation to not let one single student leave my room at the end of a year without having helped them realize their potential. I will dedicate each and every minute of instruction to the investment of the future of my students.

While this sounds ideal, I realize it will not be easy. I believe the greater purpose of education is to instill in my students the ealization that life happens on a daily basis, and it is up to them as individuals to determine what the future will be. I must help them understand how each and every lesson has a greater purpose. It is the beginning of the rest of their lives, and only through hard work and determination will they be able to lay a strong foundation that will support them throughout their lives.

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I must help open their minds to more than Just the basic concepts of a lesson so that they will realize what the greater picture is in life. I must take learning toa higher level and make it applicable to the veryday life of my students so that they find meaning in what happens in the classroom. I believe students learn best when they can find meaning in what they are doing. I believe the classroom must be an extension of their world. They must see the meaning in a lesson beyond the four walls of the classroom.

When possible, I must open up opportunities for my students to explore more than the simple concepts of a lesson. I must challenge them to question concepts and challenge facts so that they learn how to invent and create new concepts and meanings and become the nventors of the future. I must allow them to challenge me and force them to look beyond the things they can see and imagine what could be instead of accepting what is. I must allow them to question, expect them to falter, and help them find new ways to overcome in order to excel and explore the unimaginable.

In order to be an effective teacher that is able to achieve the impossible and challenge every student, regardless of his/her ability, I must remain excited about teaching and stay positive, even in the face of resistance. I must work diligently to reate a student-centered classroom. I must continue to educate myself and find new ways to engage my students and stay current on what their interests are. I must be willing to work harder, become more knowledgeable, and invest in what I may not always be able to see.

I must stay positive when others around me choose to see the negative. Teaching is a choice. It is not something I do because it is easy or comfortable. I do it because it is a calling. I know I will impact the lives of many children. It is frightening at times to think how much influence I will have on my students. Because of my influence, I take it seriously and realize that my attitude and impact is far more reaching than the building in which I will teach.

I will affect some of my students for a diligently to find the worth in my students that some of them will find nowhere else but my classroom. As my students leave my room, I must send with them the desire to impact society. I must find a way to help them realize that they have an obligation to find a way to give back in their home, their community, and the world. If I am able to do this, then I believe I will be a successful educator.

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