Personal Philosophy of Education Assignment

Personal Philosophy of Education Assignment Words: 553

Education should be an empowering process that allows children to develop their passions, critical thinking and reasoning skills through self-cultivation and the gentle guidance of an educator to help point the way. I believe that children learn best when they are taught in conditions conducive to learning and for each child that may be different.

A classroom should be set up to grant all children the same opportunity for learning no matter their learning style. They learn by material with repetition, visual aids and being an active participant in their lessons. The curriculum of the classroom should include certain “basics” that contribute to the social, emotional, intellectual and physical development of the children. The classroom should be a place where the children feel comfortable in sharing their differences, their challenges and their victories.

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Children should not kook at their differences as something to be ashamed or embarrassed of, but of something to celebrate and share with others. I want children to become an active participant in their learning. They must get up, move, touch, and feel their lessons to fully grasp what is being taught. Teaching goes beyond the basic reading, writing, and math and should delve further into the diversity of the children in the classroom. Believe children learn best in an environment that is visually stimulating and has a variety of places to explore, play, read, and work independently or in a group.

It should be a safe and nurturing environment guided by a teacher that can inspire, arouse curiosity, have fun and exude an obvious love of learning that becomes infectious with their students All children have certain needs that must be met if they are to grow and learn to their best ability. Some of these needs are social, emotional and physical. Think children have many emotional needs. I will do my best to meet these needs by being caring, nurturing compassionate and respecting the children for who they are. I believe the social needs of children re to learn how to cooperate with others in either work or play.

I would meet this need by teaching the children to play and work well with their peers in and out of the classroom. Will provide fun and challenging activities that will offer students ways, they can work together in a positive and helpful way. Children also need their physical needs met to grow and learn to their best ability. As a teacher, will do my very best to be a good role model by encouraging children to be physically active. Children are naturally energetic and I would do my best to provide daily physical activities at school and also encourage the children to be active at home.

A teacher should have certain qualities and behave in certain ways. I believe a teacher should be dedicated, trustworthy, compassionate, respectful, and responsible. It is the teacher’s responsibility to be a good role model, to come to class prepared every day and to show how a responsible adult carries themselves day in and day out. Children spend a good deal of their life in the school system and should be surrounded with positive, respectful role models from which to base their behavior off of.

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