Outline of Voltaire, Lessing, and Kant Assignment

Outline of Voltaire, Lessing, and Kant Assignment Words: 519

Reasons Voltaire is similar to the text: People in his family died, so when people are revived maybe it’s like he is trying to bring them back in real life. Milton Consanguineous lover Paradise but he wants something different/he was born into nobility also Theology Three languages Authority figures (obscurants and martin)0 internal monologue “isn’t there a pleasure to be had in criticizing everything, in perceiving defects where everyone else believes they see beautiful works of art” page 67 “there’s pleasure to be had where there is no pleasure? ” He dollies condoned but she is Just temporary transient… Futile Critics:

Pompanos Obscurants Martin Condoned The Turk (the old man) He works in order to keep away boredom, depravity, and poverty. Praxis If the cause is good, does it mean the effect is good? What view should one view the world by? Main points of Candied: Cause and effect0Justification (Pompanos’ (best of all possible worlds, Lisbon earthquake, natural castastropheoknowledge/rationalize) Free will agent The best/Utopia Practice is the best philosophy because practice isn’t a philosophy Lagoon: an essay on A snake emerges from the ocean kills the sons then kills him Poetry’=speaking picture Painting/art/sculpture=mute poetry

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A limit defines as much what is inside of it as outside of it. Why can’t sculptures screams there is a limitation on the medium Two sacrifices in the painting (sacrifice of epigraph): Sacrificing the showing the face which shows the emotion for beauty If everything is represented and the emotions are shown through the face then viewers would be distracted and the painting would lose its meaning. What kind of truth does the critic want to show us? What isn’t shown through what is shown. Revelation of something concealed Imagination will take you to what is being represented which beauty binds you too painting

Art for art’s sake: Art on its own terms without political/social/ not constructive Hailers Presentation Freedom and autonomy on different mediums Poetry and Painting must be evaluated differently Criticism on critics In Poem but not in sculpture Clothing Scream = truth The law of Artist critic Goal:achieve beauty goal:find meaning Mouth—beautiful feature mouth—limit of painting Subordinates all meaning to beauty thinks meaning shouldn’t subordinate to beauty Imagination: Imagination is important part of art: what audience imagines Leasing on Limits Define what is outside them as much as what is inside

Poetry and sculpture has limits The Mouth: In poetry there is a definite scream In the sculpture the mouth makes a sigh The mouth makes us different from other animals because of speech. Expression of feelings through speech. A limit on art because you can’t talk/ can’t communicate. Sacrifice of Paginate Bystanders expressions appropriate for circumstances The artist cannot paint the face of the father because he would not portray the feeling the father would actually feel. Painting is self reflective. Leasing sees the painting as a limit because he cannot show the unattractive face that shows true meaning. In art it is a sacrifice

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