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Law & Ethics Law and ethics can take many twist and turns. This paper will focus on why law is not an exact science. It will show the root cause of this fact is because ethics and law go hand in hand. Final it this paper will define the implications of healthcare. At the end of this paper, the reader will understand the relationship between healthcare laws and ethics. ? Most people that work with laws on a daily basis understand that it is not an exact science. Law is not an exact science because it has too many issues and it is always being changed and affected by politics.

The main reason for this is the human factor. People change their minds and people make mistakes. In most legal situations, the information collected could be incorrect or falsified. This is one of the reasons why law and ethics go hand in hand. When dealing with law and ethics, people always want to make the right decision. When looking at something illegal, it is also seen as unethical. Turning it around, when something or a situation is legal or justified it is seen as ethical.

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Law is a system of principles and rules of human conduct prescribed by society and enforced by public authority (Fremgen, B 2009). Ethics is the study of standards of conduct and moral judgment (Fremgen, B 2009). When law and ethics run together most will make sound decision base on logic and not on feelings. Implications in healthcare also revolve around law and ethics. Medical law addresses legal rights and obligations that have binding legal force (Fremgen, B 2009). Law and ethics can be very confusing at times.

For example, if someone is speeding and really they are speeding to get to the hospital. This is in everyday life and can be hard to separate. The Healthcare industry changes so rapidly that the laws cannot keep up. Since the law is flexible, people find loopholes for medical related lawsuits. We have to avoid lawsuits, and we can do that by making legal, ethical, and moral decisions. A flexible law means that things that were once acceptable may no longer become so within the healthcare industry.

There are constitutional laws, statutory laws, and common laws that the government has established for all to follow. Law and ethics can be one in the same. Because of ethics at times it can be flawed. The laws are in place for all to follow, but ethics can create confusions. It is very important for all to understand the legal system and to be aware of their rights concerning healthcare. ? References Fremgen, B (2009). Medical Law and Ethics. Upper Saddle River, New Jersey: Pearson Prentice Hall.

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