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What is it? The concept is to remain pure through prayer and rituals and not to disobey the restrictions of the Curran. The Quern, Haiti and Shari’s Law decipher what is Hall and Harm. Sexuality is considered to be a part of a person divinely created identity. Islam encourages marriage, and sex within the context of marriage is seen as a gift from God; Male-female marriage and the birth of children are central to Islamic life. Premarital and Extramarital Sex: premarital -?? Sex before marriage.

Premarital sex is categorized as act of zinnia, fornication or an illicit sex act. Extramarital – seeing someone else other than on??s spouse (adultery). Marriage is a legal binding contract. Any of these acts are attack on the whole Islamic community. “The woman and the man guilty of illegal sexual intercourse, flog each of them with a hundred stripes… ” Sure 24, verse 2. Marriage is essential to protect both spouses against indulgence in unlawful sexual practices that eventually lead to corruption and immoral acts in the Muslim community. There is no greater sin after the sin of associating ratters with Allah than a man placing his semen in a womb that is unlawful for him to place. ” Haiti “And if they repent and do righteous good deeds leave them alone. Surely God is Ever-All Forgiving and He is Most-Merciful. ” Sarah AY-NASA 4:16. This shows adultery as a sin but it also shows that one has the power to repent after committing adultery. Love signifies the most desirable spirit of self-sacrifice.

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In other words, individuals in genuine love are cap able of overcoming their self-centered motivations for the sake of each other. Sexual intercourse fulfils both the emotional and the procreation deeds of humans. Emotionally, it is the culmination of love between the couple. Procreation is the contribution that humans make towards the continuation of Allah’s creation. Sexual intercourse is an act of worship (bad) for Muslims and is to be done with the assigned pair. It also has its restrictions and limits. Glory be to Him who created pairs of all things… ” Quern, 36:36. Prophet Muhammad mentioned that “(A Muslim) would have intercourse with his or her wife and be rewarded for it. ” The effect of this can leave a child clueless of their biological parents; affecting their basic human sights, they will be violated since they have a right to know who their parents are. Contraception The goal of a Muslim adherent is to get married and bear children. Most Muslim authorities permit contraception to preserve the health of the mother of the wellbeing of the family.

Haiti approves of withdrawal method. Scholars say that this method may deprive the woman of both sexual fulfillment and having children, thus acceptable only if the woman agrees. Also indicate that the Prophet knew of birth control and accepted it in appropriate circumstances. If contraception is the reason for having no children or fear that poverty will hinder the well-being of the infant, then it is seen as lack of trust in God’s promise that every child born will be looked after by God.

The choice of using contraception is looked down upon in Muslim communities as having a child is considered a gift from Allah. Contraception is not mentioned in the Quern and Sauna of the Prophet, but Muslims opposed to birth control often quote the Curran as saying: “You should not kill your children for fear of want’ (1 7:31, 6: 151 ) But supporters Of birth control argue that this interpretation is wrong. Homosexuality (Iliad) One of the most illicit acts to be committed in Islam.

It is forbidden. The goal for Muslims is to get married and have children. Homosexuality is believed to be caused by an individual’s environment and surroundings. The Curran is indirect in prescribing punishments for acts of Twat. The story of Lot is one of the prophets sent by God to warn his people about the crimes and wrong doing, including homosexuality. “Will ye commit abomination such as no creature ever did before you? Lo! Ye come with lust unto men instead of omen. Sarah al-Raff 7180-82 The Haiti states: “Kill the one who sodomite’s and the one who lets it be done to him. ” The Curran Sure 4:15 contains oblique reference to lesbian behavior: “And those of your women who commit illegal sexual intercourse, take the evidence of four witnesses from among you against them; and if they testify, confine them to houses until death comes to them or Allah ordains for them some other way. ” Here a suggestion of confinement could include withholding water and food from the women until they died.

Majority of the Islamic immunity believe that Sunnis Persecution is the righteous way of treating people who are homosexual or who are caught committing these acts. Countries influenced by Shari Law but resort to secular and trial as punishment rather than corporal punishment include: Saudi Arabia Morocco Tu reek Indonesia Most Islamic societies refuse to see homosexuality as a personal identity and a lifestyle choice, rather than a deviant act committed by those who are ‘really’ heterosexual. Those who support groups who help Muslim homosexuals and lesbians tend to remain outside the Muslim world.

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