Homosexual Activity Ethics Assignment

Homosexual Activity Ethics Assignment Words: 407

Article Outline | Title of Article:| Why Homosexuality is Abnormal| | Author:| Michael Levin| Elements of Understanding| Topic1:| -Levin argues that homosexual activity is a misuse of bodily parts. – Homosexuality is “abnormal” in both a descriptive and a normative sense because- for evolutionary reasons-homosexuals are bound to be unhappy. -We do have to obligations to our children, and one of them is to protect them from harm| | Thesis2:| -Levin’s says that it is “A pleasure causally connected with great distress cannot be treated as another pleasure to be toted up on the felicific scoreboard.

Utilitarian’s have to reckon with the inevitable consequences of pain-causing pleasure. Similar remarks apply to the question of whether homosexuality is a “disease”. ” Levins makes the point that if someone enjoys being flabby instead of exercising they do have the right to be this way. My other comment towards this is, just because I have hands doesn’t mean I can’t walk on them. -The usual environmentalist explanation for homosexual’s unhappiness is misunderstanding contempt and abuse that society heaps on them.

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He is trying to say that because of others unacceptingness or discomfort he feels gays aren’t happy because of dealing with insults and bullying. -“If we have the right to protect them from religious education then surely we have the right to protection of homosexuality. “-Levin. If statics show that more molesters are homosexuals then we also have the right to keep our kids from that, I feel like Levins wants us to be aware we have the right to raise our children how we want and if it is keeping homosexuals or homosexual activity away from children there is nothing wrong with protecting their innocents. | Key Terms:| Utilitarianism- an ethical theory holding that the proper course of action is the one that maximizes the overall “happiness”. That all action should be directed toward achieving the greatest happiness for the greatest number of people. Normative- expressing value judgments or prescriptions as contrasted with stating factsIntrinsically??- with respect to its inherent nature. Inexpungeable??- ot capable of beingInclusive- true if at least one of its component propositions is true??| Elements of Justification| Author’s argument:| | | Evidence for Argument:| | Elements of Inference| Assumptions:| | | Implications:| | Elements of Evaluation| Problem with or criticism of author’s reason(s):| | | Possible author response:| | 1Topic is the question that the author is attempting to answer. 2Thesis is the answer that the author is providing to the question.

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