Global Warming Business Ethics Assignment

Global Warming Business Ethics Assignment Words: 392

I believe that people across all continents of the world regardless of their stance on lobar warming should agree that we all have a moral responsibility for our actions and to ensure that we are causing no harm for that which the planet cannot bear. Certainly, we as people understand that there are consequences, or rather re-actions, to our every action. Sir Isaac Newton proclaimed that for every action that there is an equal and opposite reaction. While his hypothesis was related to his first laws of motion it carries similar meaning in other respects as well.

The Minnesota Department of Health published an article providing ample studies from the science community that wows certain chemicals and manufacturing processes are bad for the environment (MED, 2004). Where we can improve our manufacturing process or there exist more safe alternative means to production and use of products that have less impact on the environment then both business and consumers should choose the product with less impact. In this case we are discussing what would have the least ‘possible?? impact on perpetuation global warming.

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The reason that personally believe there is more hype than fact to global warming is that for all the improvements we have made in reducing our impact to the environment over the last 40 years of my life, have seen neither increase nor reduction in the warming effects across North America where travel extensively for business. I realize that this is just one small part of the planet but I read of others similar observations as well. One comment that is substantiated by many prominent scientist that rationalize with is “The lack of warming for more than a decade-??indeed, the smaller-than- predicted warming over the 22 years since the U.

N. ‘s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (EPIC) began issuing projections-??suggests that computer models have greatly exaggerated how much warming additional ICC can cause” (WAS, 2/21/2012). The earth has been evolving for millions of years. It has at least once before come out of an ice-age through a ‘global- warming’ transformation of that time without man-made ICC emissions. Regardless of where their intentions were, I believe there have been many businesses that have capitalized and fed on the fear of the public related to global warming to promote their products.

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