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Watch the video on Method’s Ethics that relates to its philosophy on environmentally sound products and apply some of the concepts you’ve learned from your reading to answer the following questions: Why and how does Method integrate a number of environmental practices into its operations? How has its mission and business philosophy affected its choices on creating environmentally safe products? Making people aware, helping them make better choices about the environmental profile and health profile of the things they buy.

For example, Method says we should throw away the bleach, we don’t need bleach. Method says bleach is nasty stuff and doesn’t get your clothes clean; better yet we don’t need it to get our clothes clean. Method states that their technology in their product can get our clothes clean without bleach. This is a product we don’t need in our home. Method states that bleach and other surface cleaners contain all sorts of nasty chemicals that are toxic to breathe, toxic to liver and toxic to kids and pets if they get into these products.

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Adam Lowry one of the co-founders of Method states that he was really motivated to start the company, “to start a brand where we could really reach people in the mainstream with an environmentally friendly solution that Just in some small way kind of change their habits or change their ways to a more positive environmental agenda”. How is Method practicing sustainability? Method is practicing sustainability by aligning their business interest and environmental interest to grow their business for better and not worse.

Method uses wind energy, which is 100 percent renewable energy; this meaner no fossil fuel is used. With each step in the process of designing the products and manufacturing the products Method keeps the environment at the front of its cuisines interest. Method is also practicing sustainability they are watching how much CO is being used by their employees, through a reforestation project at the Airport in Chicago. Method states that they are maintaining sustainability by being a 100 percent carbon neutral company and by using only renewable energy. ЂDiscuss the changing social factors that have made it possible for Method to be so successful. Method is accessible to everybody; it is sold in grocery stores, drugstores, and many other types of stores all over the country. Method is only 30 cents more than it has’ enter parts. Switching from the less environmentally friendly product to Method a more environmentally friendly product wouldn’t hit the consumers’ pockets.

Because people aren’t cleaning like they used to Method is a more economical product to have in your home. Method is so successful because its’ consumers social factors are integrated into their marketing plan. Method consumers share the same attitude about their health and the environment, their belief in doing the right thing for the environment, and a conscious effort to make better choices in their life. Ethics By adulterations

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