Ethics in Grade Inflation for Students Assignment

Ethics in Grade Inflation for Students Assignment Words: 254

Intro: What causes grade inflation and how does it affect students today? Grade inflation has not always been the norm in higher education. Grade patterns now days are increasing so that the overpowering mainstream of students in a class, college, or university receive higher grades for the same measure and eminence of work done by students in the past. Thesis: The result of grade inflation can motivate students to put more effort into their studies, obtain a higher GPA and become successful in their careers and in life.

Paragraph 1: Schools try to maintain the students that are currently enrolled in their campuses. Educators, colleges and universities completely consider that by giving students higher grades it will improve and maintain the pleasant appearance of the classes and courses. Students sometimes view themselves as consumers of education and are keen to succeed rather than to learn. The pressures that institutions provide students towards success can be very persuasive at times. Conclusion:

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Last but not least, with all the different pressures students face in their own lives aside from school. It is important for students to do the best can at whatever they do. It is imperative that students push themselves to do well in school so they can become successful individuals. It has been proven that grade inflation not only motivates the student to work harder and do well but it also helps them achieve a higher grade point average and become successful in the career of choice and in their lives.

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