Ethics During World War I Assignment

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Assessment: observe, Interact, and Input obtained during the class. . Analyze: Identify the problems that were encountered during our team projects. 3. Develop an action plan: Based on my analysis, determine how to counter these problems in the future. 4. Execute the plan of action: The fall outcome or as my opening quote stated ??where you make you money,??C] is when you take a plan and put it into action.

The assessment is important because it would determine how each member of the team interacted with each other. We all were interacting through web based communication, but initially we could have done a better job in getting to know each there. On page 203 of the text it states that electronic Interaction prevents members from Interacting socially, I did discover that I did not have face and name recognition with the members of my group. We did set team goals that focused on Learning, Standards, and Performance, that were expected from the members.

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I do not feel like we capitalized on the strengths and weaknesses of each member of the group. I do understand the external events that were occurring outside of our small group work, but I thought that we did not adequately pace ourselves properly on the first two projects. The late starts on the first two projects could have been prevented by initiating the dialog needed to get the process flowing. When I begin to analyze the cause of some of the problems that we experienced, I noticed that most problems were easily recognizable once I went back and referenced common team problems again.

I find this potion of my plan to be the most useful because as team members and leaders we are more prone to look for causes of problems after we find effects to them. Communication was the cause of most of the team shortcomings. Communication is a two way process and at times en lack AT It put ten Turned AT long ten teamwork on a couple AT team morasses shoulders. The action plan will aid me to further improve and maintain the critical skills needed to become a more effective team member. One thing I would maintain and improve is the fact that we were required to submit a team contract.

Our team contract clearly defined the team goals, required participation, communication, and problem solving steps required for the team members. Uneven communication refers to the fact that in virtually any group a handful of people do the majority of the talking. IPPP) In our team at times, a majority of communication was done between two or three members, while the rest of us Just watched. The text further states that in a group of eight people, that most of the communication is done by three people.

When this happens the team as a whole does not capitalize on the strengths of the rest of the members of the group. Valuable knowledge is not taken advantaged of when this occurs. A team self improvement plan or any plan is only good if it is implemented or followed the next time the team has to perform or produce a product. Since this reticular team will not have any additional projects to complete, I will use some of the lessons learned to benefit further team projects that I have to participate in.

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