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Business Ethics Immanuel Kant one of the worldest’s most famous modern philosophers stated my favorite quote, “Experience without theory is blind, but theory without experience is mere intellectual play. ” Kant believed that experience and fundamental concepts is the reasoning behind an individuals morality. His beliefs are very similar to mine and believe that an experience people go through can help shape a person and their character. Kant’s studies influenced much of the world and our life ethics.

Immaneul Kant was born in 1 724 in Russia into a religous family. He was in a prestigous school and received a stern education. He spent most of his adult life, working several different jobs in a ten mile radius. Kant was a very introvert type person. He was never married and had a strict daily routine. Despite being an introvert, he was a very popular teacher and a well known author before he started his career in philosophical works. He started a career at an early age at the University of Konigsberg, which as also where he attended school.

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He spent almost of his career life with the University. He published many philosophical works and spent much of his time in scholar research. Apart from his philosphical work he made an imporant discovery in astronomy regarding the earth’s rotation. Kant’s ethical works involved researching categorical imperative beliefs. He had views that we all together responsbile for our own actions and behaviors. The ultimate goal of being a morally good person is someone who has good will. Immanuel Kant’s belief in good will was known as the Kantian Ethics. The only intrinsically good hings is a good will; an action can only be good, therefore, if its maxim. ” Every action or decision has to have the same conditons in order it for it to be universalisability. Each decision we make will be based off of which will deliever the ultimate happiness. Kant believes there is a moral code that constructs us to choose the right action under any circumstances. “Duty is the necessity to act out of reverence for the law.

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