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In this society today, one of the most difficult tasks in life is ethical dilemmas. Everyday an individual is faced with a situation that causes the need of right or wrong decision making. However, not all decision making is easy. Most required massive thought and evaluation. Past experiences cannot always help the issues Just like present experiences cannot always obscure different possibilities. The best way to handle a difficult ethical dilemma is to gather as much proof as possible.

Point out tepees that will most certainly lead to the correct decision making. I read about an ethical dilemma in The New York Times Magazine. The title of this article was “An Illegal Marriage That Benefits Society? ” The nature of this dilemma was about a man named Bob from Massachusetts who wants to help an illegal immigrant by marrying her in order for her to become legal. The impression that I received as the reader is that this woman is a hard worker and has children back in Brazil who needs her, yet she cannot go back to Brazil unless she becomes legal in America.

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Bob does not reasonably know this woman. His accusations are solely based off of impression. He simply sees a woman who needs help and he wants to be the one to do so rather is it illegal or not. This particular dilemma requires an ethical decision. Bob has to really think about the damage his decision could do to him as a person. Marrying a person illegally could lead to severe punishment, such as, Jail time, large amounts of fines and possibly more punishments. Bob has a lot at stake Just for the satisfaction of helping another person.

He needs to gather up all of the known facts in reference to his situation so that he is able to come up with the best decision. It is said that you cannot get the best impression from someone you do not know, but true colors will reveal in due time rather it is good or bad. “Eve known her for three years and believe she would be an exemplary American citizen (Kilometers, 2013). ” Three years does seem like good enough time, but Bob may only know her as the “chain store worker”, not as a potential wife. As I see it, Bob has three alternative courses of action.

He can either help out this woman by marrying her and risking a severe punishment, he can eave her alone as well as her issues alone so that he does not have to be a part of it, or best case scenario to me would be asking the woman out and maybe the right connection could lead to a legit marriage. Asking to take this woman on a date seems to be an identified creative option. Bob wants to marry this woman to help her out, however maybe he should consider taking the few steps to lead up to marriage without doing it illegally. This option could possibly produce the most good out of the three alternate course of action that he has.

Seeing as though this particular issue is eased off of what is legal rather than what is most efficient his outcome of the situation must be determined after considering all three approaches. I hope that which each ever decision b makes is the best one. He should understand the tact about the situation and what they mean to his own values. It is not a bad idea to take into consideration other people feelings involved, however the decision that is being made has to be a particular choice you as a person are able to live with. In Bob’s case, his feelings seen to be cultivated by the compassion he seeks from this woman.

This could be the reason why he could be overlooking a rational decision with a conscious mind. The best way for him to evaluate which decision has his best interest is to ask his self would he be k with people knowing the decision he made. He also needs to figure out if he would feel proud of his decision with no regrets. Bob’s ethical judgment should be in full effect for his conclusion!

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