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There are many outside factors that have pressured the latherer industry, and that have influenced the industry make many changes for positive reasons with some negative impacts. Some of the positives to the changes in healthcare are the fact that all people, no matter what income bracket one may live in will have accessibility to healthcare. In the past, healthcare and insurance was not as affordable or accessible as it is today with the healthcare reform model. Now with the lower cost of health insurance people are able to seek medical help when in need.

The changes in healthcare have also caused some deltas to the industry. Some of the pressures that are seen as deltas to healthcare are due to the reimbursement costs for the visit or treatment a patients has been provided. With the anticipations of lower reimbursement costs and a percentage of that reimbursement being based on a patient satisfaction survey makes it much more difficult for healthcare agencies. Most healthcare agencies have been making significant changes to be able to survive the lower reimbursement rates.

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With these changes caused for healthcare worker to be laid off, and for there to do more with less. The “More with less” practice is difficult because facilities are working with less staff and are still trying to run the operations as if it were fully staffed while having to deal with the increase of patient visits. The model “more with less” has caused for the healthcare organizations to push their employees harder than ever and these changes have pushed the patient nurse ratios that may not be known as the best or safest model.

Healthcare has an ethical responsibility to providing a safe and secure environment for the employees, patients and the visitors of their organizations. Unfortunately the “More with Less” mindset and practices, has caused for employees to feel rushed which can cause for a window of errors to be made, that can not only impact the healthcare agency but most importantly the patient. The patients are in to get help and get well, thinking they are in a safe place with people such a Doctors and Nurses they can trust their life’s with.

It’s unfortunate that errors will be made and patients can be impacted personally by these errors. In the manner the healthcare organizations had prepared to deal with the healthcare reform act is very much a legal process, but on the other hand healthcare workers were left without jobs that impacted their lively hood and families. The decisions that have had to be made for the healthcare facilities were made for the future of the industry and future of healthcare facilities and organizations. In this critical and crucial time, in the healthcare industry is very difficult for those that are making the decision for change.

The changes that have been or that will be made has to be tough process personally and mentally, because they feel for those that are impacted. With this being said those decision makers that are at the table making decisions, are making decisions that will be beneficial to the business. ;What role do external social pressures have in influencing organizational ethics?

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