Ethics and Ethical Behavior Assignment

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I have always held to the basic principle of doing my job the way the company am currently employed with wants me to do the job, not the way think it should be done, or the way my previous employer wanted the same job done. However, if I felt that previous experience was an easier way, would suggest or present it as possibly different way. Since the Utilitarian or Consequential Rule, is where the ethics of a decision are based on the decision’s consequences, feel that one must weigh the outcome with much deliberation and forethought as not to harm either the company or the associates.

By adhering to a set of good moral standards and questioning the ethical value of the event, we can better assess the outcome of the decision. Seeking guidance, or researching other companies who have faced similar situations, can aid in the decision making process which can ultimately be beneficial in making the right call. Fundamentally we are left to our own judgment and instinct to interpret unsuitableness ethics. It is also a good policy for an individual to be grounded in the right values, being raised or taught to respect others, be kind, and accept diversity can create a foundation early on.

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One does not necessarily have to have a religious background to learn these qualities, they just need the right environment. Experience and knowledge are also two good tools where one can make decisions for the greater good and not for their own selfish goals. Personal Perspective believe in fairness and justice, so hold to the Theory of Justice or Legal Rule. In this ethical decision it states that one treats all people and groups impartially and fairly according to the rules and standards set forth by the company. I feel that there is a correct way to behave based on the working environment.

I have had the privilege to work in a variety Of environments and I have observed the properly to conduct business. I have seen individuals who have taken it upon themselves to push the rules to suit their ideals or needs. Have seen companies who ignore common values and let chaos rule. I believe there has to be some commonality in practice and the common sense to not push the envelope. One of the problems that has recently hit the workplace and the world, is the sense of entitlement, this is where an individual has the attitude that the rules of society are for other people and do not apply to them.

They are the ones who acknowledge the no cell phone rule, but choose to ignore it, then when they get in trouble scream it isn’t fair. Once worked for a company whose management did not practice this policy. The company was a major production facility and was the main source of employment for a small rural town. It was the first job I held after graduating High School. At that time it was nondiscriminatory in the way it treated its employees, and even though the work was hard, everyone was treated fairly. Moved out of state for several years, and then returned. Needed a job and knew I could get hired on.

In the time was gone, this company brought immigrants to the company and forced a lot of rural families out of the area. The immigrants were allowed more privileges than the locals who Were with the company for many years. There was a lot of discrimination in the facility, and I am sure that it was against company policy, if not it should have been. Ethical Dilemma Recognition and Analysis An ethical dilemma is a situation where a decision has to be made, and a course of action must be taken even if it means someone is going to benefit and another may be harmed as a result.

I have experienced many decisions n my life time, I once held the position of monitoring sales phone calls for a telemarketing company in Lass Vegas, Nevada in which I had to listen in on outgoing calls. I was instructed to report salesmen who misled the consumers in believing they had won a specific prize, in order receive the prize they had to order a product. One salesman had misled a consumer and reported him to the general manager. The salesman confronted me in anger, and I told him point blank, “If you hadn’t said it I wouldn’t have reported it. ” He had also threatened to harm me, so had to wait for him to leave at the end of the shift.

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