Ethics and Bioethis Assignment

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It furnishes a pre-structured set of important key relevant points that need to be addressed in ethical cases. The models are a useful method to guide the actions taken when having to handle the complexity that accompany ethical situations. 4. ) In the Application of a Bioethics Decision-Making Model, explain why the nurse should not simply tell Mrs… L that her husband is dead: There is a lot at stake here. 13. 2 Discuss the ethical frameworks used when mistakes are made in healthcare settings.

Describe nursing student’s ethical responsibility to report errors in the Introduction o Nursing Arts and Science Community. Health care providers have a ethical responsibility of to administer safe clinical care. Medical errors may cause serious harm to the patient as well as the provider and institution or clinic. These errors can be very expensive, not to mention stressful, cost you time, and personally devastating. Although these errors can affect anyone, it is usually the weak and helpless that is most vulnerable.

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Medical errors do not always create ethical problems, But the way they get handled, in some cases, poses ethical concerns. When health care agencies do not have mandatory reporting polices in place, errors are not necessarily reported or charted as they should be. Even when policies are in place this does not guarantee that when errors are recognized, that they will be reported. This may be due to health care providers feelings of guilt and blame, or fear of retribution, that they choose not to acknowledge or document errors.

In some cases, errors may be discussed only between providers and administrators, the patients and their families are left in the blind about the errors having occurred, or hat corrective actions are needed. When health care providers do not recognize, report, or disclose errors, they fail to act in the best interest of the patient. This failure compromises patient autonomy and informed decision-making. The failure to report and disclose errors also compromises the principles of beneficence, fidelity, and Justice. The fact that medical mistakes occur is sadly common.

It is our Job as health care professionals to do all we can to decrease the risk of medical errors to any patient. As health care professional, understanding the prevalence and problems of medical errors, reporting errors, and learning about tracking systems that detect and help correct future medical errors is crucial. Much can be learned from the analysis of Ethics and Bioethics By shortsightedly one single solution to this on-going problem but rather many solutions and systems that must be in place and working properly to decrease the risk of medical errors once and for all.

The focus must not be on blaming individuals but on learning form past errors and preventing future ones. The goal of health care professional should be to learn the strategies and systems that are currently being put into place and to enable these systems by taking necessary action. It is not acceptable to patients to be harmed by a health care system that is here to offer healing and comfort. So as a nursing student is in doubt, ask, ask, ask. Be on the lookout for clues of a problem, such as if your pills look different than normal or if you notice a different drug name of different directions than what you thought. 5. ) UNCLE RESULT:

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