Ethics a basic framework Assignment

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It is about corporate takeover and liquidation business and it is common practice in real business world, but why is it so problematic? What moral issues emerge In the movie? Answer: Yes, It Is about corporate takeover. There Is a corporate raider, Garfield Investment, who wants profit by buying the New England Wire and Cable’s stocks and selling It on higher price. They knew that the company Is not making profit because of the lowest product demand which is competing with new technologies product industry.

The problem is about the Garfield motive. He has motive or intention purely to take over the company Just for making profit for the shareholder; buy the company’s stock, making company’s stock in higher price and in a short-term sells them all. He also breaks the commitment that both sided has been made, and he is trying harder inappropriate way in order to get as many as share in marketplace, so he will become as dominant shareholder. He does not care about the employees on New England Wire and Cable after he takes over the Company. He Is greedy trader, not good investor.

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If he Is good Investor, he will concern by proposing a better management of he company In order to make profit. But he TLD do that. He doesn’t care about the core business of New England Wire and Cable Company. 2. Is asset striping in corporate liquidation business morally good or just good business? Answer: It depends on the intention and what goals we want by striping the assets. It will become good business and morally good, if the motive or intention are good in moral and healthy in business way. However, it will become only good business if the intention is purely making profit, because it will lead decision maker into amoral hint. . Do “corporate raiders” Like Garfield create anything useful? Do they make positive contribution to the economy (and society)? If there are more corporate raiders Like Garfield, the world will have crisis in economy, because they only focus to make the shareholder richer. It is dangerous if there are people who become ‘investor but they only concern making profit by buying and selling the stock price in a short-term; they don’t care about running the business which should make contribution to product or service user, the employees, and to the society. 4.

Why does Jorge say that greenmailing practice is a kind of terrorist act? Answer: Because “greenmailing practice” is kind of corporation’s attempt to stop a takeover bid by paying a price above market value for stock held by the aggressor. It will make profit for the aggressor so that the aggressor will stop their attempt to take over the company. Jorge doesn’t agree with that Idea because It Is Like a terrorist act that will stop their terror by Glenn them some profit. IT you were In ten situation In wanly you are Tackling ten option to liquate your company for any reason, what should you better do?

Answer: Liquidation is the process by which a company (or part of a company) is brought to an end, and the assets and property of the company redistributed. Liquidation is also sometimes referred to as winding-up or dissolution, although dissolution technically refers to the last stage of liquidation. Liquidation is like buying or selling process, it is neutral. So if I were in the situation I will do: a. Collect data or fact about my company in order to get the reason why I should choose to liquidate my company. B. I would make liquidation is the last option of my action to save my company.

From the vie, it was stated that company is debt-free but not making profit. So the point is how to make profit to the company. Then I will strive to adapt the main core business to what market really want in order to make profit the next year. That is real problem to face rather than liquidating my company. C. Unfortunately, if there is a corporate raider or aggressor Just like Garfield, who wants buy my company so that he can take over it, I will Join the anti-takeover community in my country and learn how to defend for saving my company. I believe there is instrument in law that will protect particular company from the aggressor.

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