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The respiratory tracts of animals, including humans, are particularly harmed by air pollutants, which worsen existing medical conditions such as chronic lung disease, pneumonia, and cardiovascular problems. Discussed in our paper will be several key points that will highlight very important details in regards to the efforts to reduce ozone in Southern California. Topics to be discussed are; described the historical development of the issue, the stakeholders involvement in the issue, and the long term effects of the problem, the susceptibilities that arise from the ethical position and try to find a solution to this major problem.

Air pollution in California began just after World War II. Southern California has been known to have the worst air pollution in our nation. The worst ozone pollution in Southern California was in 2006′ in the Ferris and Crystalline areas, then the ozone levels exceeded the federal health standard for more than 50 days. Smoke pollution is one relevant pollutant in Southern California it is occasionally called industrial smog. The major pollutants in industrial smog are sulfur oxides, nitrates, metals, organic Heimlich, soil and dust particles also known as particulate matter.

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The unhealthiest episodes of pollution usually happen during winter months when the burning of household fuels like oil or coal is high. Another important type of smog is the brown-orange type smog called photochemical. It is called photochemical smog because sunlight starts several chemical reactions that jointly form its elements. The first signs of photochemical smog were in Los Angles during the sass’s. The summer months are when photochemical smog is the worst. Together nitrogen oxides and hydrocarbons are included in its formation.

Since the Los Angles basin is a valley that lies between the mountains and the Pacific Ocean it is susceptible to temperature inversions. Temperature inversion is a major cause of smog in the Los Angles area. Some of the long term effects of ozone and the hazardous compounds in smog are irritations that cause a mixture of health problems, which include burning eyes, chest discomfort and coughing. Ozone is known to suppress the immune system and bring on asthma attacks.

A study of pregnant women done by the University of California in 2002 determined that these women who were exposed to high levels of ozone and carbon monoxide were three times more likely to deliver infants with serious heart complications. All Californians are in danger of having significant health problems because of the smog, but the California smog will affect mostly people with asthma and children. Experts claim that even with the most aggressive attempts to reduce a person’s exposure to the ozone they Will still suffer significant health problems related to air pollution.

The Children’s Health Study (CSS) provided strong evidence that air pollution at its current bevels cause health problems for children in Southern California. Furthermore, there is developing evidence that air pollution is one of the causes in the increased number of children’s asthma cases diagnosed in Southern California. There were many studies done on the effects of the ozone on children in the Southern California region and it was noted that children’s exposure to the California smog can have life-long effects on lung development.

This is of significant relevance to the new federal ozone standards under consideration. It was recorded from the Children’s Health Study that reductions in ozone levels in Southern California have stopped over 2. 8 million absences from school. These school absences could have had an economic impact of 220 million. For over 40 years, California had an air standard of 84 parts of ozone per billion parts of air. In March, 2008 the EPA set a standard for ozone pollution. Under this standard clean air has no more than 75 parts of ozone per billion parts of air and this is averaged over 8 hours.

Scientists were not happy with this standard they recommended that 60 parts of ozone per billion parts of air during an 8 hour period, this idea as rejected. With the current standards it is estimated that it will save billions in health costs related to asthma, bronchitis, and heart attacks. The cost of accomplishing the ozone standard could be as much as $8. 5 billion. Southern California is far from reaching the old air standard and may not meet that standard until 2024. They will need to work overtime to put measures into place that meet the new standards this could take many years.

Once the standards were passed some politicians wrote a letter to the EPA administrator. In this letter they expressed concerns that manufacturers loud have to shut down because of the regulatory standards thus causing loss of jobs, along with hurting the U. S. Financial competitiveness, contribute to consumer inflation, and diminish the standard of living that is enjoyed by many citizens. The population of Southern California is constantly growing along with the number of vehicles on its roads. It will continue to be an on- going conflict to make sure that Southern Californians quality of air does not further deteriorate.

Also, there are residents in low income neighborhoods that live near industrial plants. These residents are beginning to complain and are requesting “environmental justice” because of their exposure to the toxic air. Based upon article 5 Steps to Clean up Air Pollution-(2009) Nolan; Five policy changes have been selected to possibly allow for air quality to improve in Southern California include: Clean up coal-fired power plants, clean up oceangoing vessels, improve the pollution-monitoring network and enforce the law.

Since 1 970 the Clean Air Act. The Clean Air Act (CA) is the comprehensive federal law that regulates air emissions from stationary and mobile sources. Among other things, this law authorizes EPA to establish National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NANAS) to protect public health and public welfare and to regulate emissions of hazardous air pollutants. These five policy changes should be an essential ma way toward breaking the pattern of weakening clean air safeguards by ignoring science and delaying actions.

Life on earth depends upon reduction of air pollution; the health and lives of people and ecosystems will need these changes for healthier lives of the American people. Many people suffer from forms of cancer (caused by ad air), asthma, sinus problems and many other health problems associated with manmade pollutants. The people of the world we live in today can also do their parts to help in the clean-up of the air we breathe. We can look at alternative ways of travel, such as instead of driving corner store which in many cases may be less than a mile away; we can maybe walk are use a bicycle.

By using alternatives will not Only benefit our, but will also provide necessary exercise we all need to stay healthy as well. Our population is forever growing; taking steps to preserve our planet will benefit us all in one ay or another for generations to come. The ozone of Southern California has effect many of living things around its area; this has cause stakeholders to become more involved in the environment effects. The ozone is an important component in maintaining the environment CEO-system.

Where most people look at particular areas of affected ozone there are organizations that example the whole environment of the ozone areas; these organizations would be known as stakeholders. The stakeholder position is having controlled over the environment that is affected by the air pollution. These stakeholder works to reduce the air pollution that affect areas where it may be more affect. By the pollution in the air effecting people it has cause problem in the health of them, this is cause for clean air from stakeholder workers.

The workers of these independent organizations are working for the people that could be effect by air pollution. Researching the position of organization that has a part in reducing the pollution of the ozone. South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAMMED) is one stakeholder that handles the air quality in Southern California. The SCAMMED is an organization roof that operates under the government to ensure the quality of air for the people. Southern Coast Air Quality Management District’s enforce the regulation of air pollution where by identify ways to reduce pollution.

The organization inspect facility ensure it up to code and meeting all requirements for government quality. The way SCAMMED is resolved or improved air quality by: establishes a updated control plan every three years, strategies how to reduce the control of air quality, and regional plans to deal with pollutants in local areas. Establishes a control updated plan every three Lana will give more solution how the pollution could be steady control instead out of control. Strategies to reduce air quality give the opportunity to seek opinion for the area to develop a much clean air.

The regional plan to deal with pollutants in local areas is to educate them on the air quality that should reduce. The SCAMMED believes that the rights of all people to live in the environment with clean air; they will take all steps to protect the public from air pollution. In San Francisco Bay area Telecoms Institute launched a program call the Green Pram Coalition to educate consumer about the disposal of heuristically. The program works with communities to educate about the risk of priorities reduction activities in the area.

Collaborate on a way to reduce exposures of pharmaceutical waste causes the ozone is in better shape that will protect the effect areas. Creating a partnership with the community to improve the local environment will cause the consumers to help the future of the environment. The collaboration builds working relationships that primary give orders to the consumer of how to appropriately dispose of pharmaceuticals in the area. Green Pram Coalition AOL is to help communities to gain understanding about major source of pharmaceuticals exposure.

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