Critical Thinking And Ethics assignment

Critical Thinking And Ethics assignment Words: 226

Monica Nelson Critical thinking play an important role in ethics because it is the process an individual will use to determine if a situation or decision is right or wrong. Hypothetically, critical thinking is a form of examination and purpose of what is real and what is make believe and help individuals understand by developing a rational process of assessment which will determine the ethical principal.

By combining critical thinking in his or her approach, an individual has the ability to make decisions based upon facts and supportable information. There is no exact way to apply ethical reasoning, and different locations and cultures can change the ethical approach. For example, some women are not considered equal in some countries and do not have a voice; while in other countries women are considered equal but no given the necessary respect as an equal to her opposite colleagues.

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In this case, critical thinking is applied to determine the best ethical principle to use in-order to make a decision. If everyone followed the rules and guidelines of logic, there will still be a need for ethical decision making because logic does not mean right or wrong. Logic can assist an individual by helping him or her making the correct decision about which approach that will benefit society as a whole.