Concept of Ethics Assignment

Concept of Ethics Assignment Words: 1274

Legislation mainly acts as a constraint on business and it areas like employment law, consumer protection and competition areas mm, 2012). Milliner Kenya has institutionalized law and elegies he Kenya law on issues of employment – where employees are me promoted on basis of qualifications and work merits, consumer pro ensuring that their products have the Kenya Bureau of Standards mark of q competition – Milliner believes in vigorous yet fair competition and support development of appropriate competition laws among other areas of the com functions.

Also, all employees are required to comply with the laws and urge the countries in which we operate (Milliner, 2014). 2. 3 Uniform Treatment of Employees One example of organizational ethics is the uniform treatment of all employ According to Rick Settle of Demand Media Organizations should treat all me with the same respect, regardless of their race, religion, cultures or lifestyle Everyone should also have equal chances for promotions. One way to prom uniform treatment in organizations is through sensitivity training. Some co hold one-day seminars on various discrimination issues.

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They then invite o experts in to discuss these topics. He also says 3 | Page that employers should avoid favoring one employee over others. This Pratt also lead to lawsuits from disgruntled employees. It is also counterproductive According to our case study Milliner is committed to diversity in a working environment where there is mutual trust and respect and where everyone f responsible for the performance and reputation of the company. They recur employ and promote employees on the sole basis of the qualifications and a needed for the work to be performed.

They have committed to safe and heal working conditions for all employees; not use any form of forced, compulsory labor. They are also committed to working with employees to develop and e each individual’s skills and capabilities. They respect the dignity of the Indian he right of employees to freedom of association. They always maintain ago communications with employees through company based information and consultation procedures. 2. 4 Shareholders A Shareholder is any person, company or other institution that owns at least share of a company’s stock. Shareholders are a company’s owners.

They have potential to profit if the company does well, but that comes with the potent if the company does poorly (Investigated US, 2014). Organizations should respect the rights of shareholders and help shareholders exercise those rights. They can help shareholders exercise their rights by pop effectively communicating information and by encouraging shareholders to participate in general meetings (Wisped, 2014). Ensuring that their product competition ; Milliner belie development of proposal functions Also. All employee the countries in which we o 2. Uniform Treatment to El One example of organization According to Rick Settle of [ with the same respect, reggae Everyone should also have uniform treatment In organ hold one-day seminars on experts In to discuss these Group Institutionalizing of Ethic that employers should avail also lead to lawsuits d According, to our case stud) environment where there if expansible far the perform reentry and promote runner needed tort the work to be I: working conditions for all el labor They are also commit each individual’s skills Mid the right to employees to FRR communications with MPH 24 Shareholders A Shareholder is any person share oaf a company’s stock. Potential TU profit the con if the company does poorly Organizations should Reese exercise those rights. They adjectively communicating participate in general meet Croup 4 page Milliner conducts its operation in accordance with inter principles of good corporate governance. We provide Tim information on our activities, structure, financial situation hardliners (Milliner , 2014). 2. Business partners A Business Partner is an individual or company who has with another entity’s business dealings (Webzines Inc, should at all times conduct him/her/itself in a profession acting truthfully ,fairly, diligently, promptly ,and for a fair partnership should only take on as much business as the perform with professional competence and diligence. Buy refrain from criticizing competitors or their business par making any untrue statements about the goods or service They should not engage in any form of price-fixing, anti-t behavior. This includes "pay-to play’ arrangements where revives valuable consideration of any kind to obtain buy as against another Business Partner (Rafael, 2013).

A Buss from or give the minimum gifts to a client so long as such accepted for the primary purpose of influencing that clue contract with a Business Partner, to do business with the business over a competing Business Partner (Rafael, 2013) Milliner is committed to establishing mutually beneficial customers and business partners. In our business dealing adhere to business principles consistent with our own (U 5 Page 2. 6 Community Involvement According to Richly et al (2000), corporate community in Tate of relations between the company and communities or impact. It encompasses programs that advance the nit and its communities, such as donations, employee volute partnership. It involves the impact of the operational cacti communities as well as programs established to develop and organization in communities (Richly & Christopher, This implies that the company or corporate as a whole n give back to the community in one way or another.

The company can assessment test to see where the community needs help. Through c participation, the corporate can help in the different community prop Milliner as corporate has ‘The Milliner Foundation’ that has a vision social impact as there business grows. The corporate is partnering w global organization-Sofas, Population Services International (AS’), As EUNICE, and the World Food Programmer. The foundation’s mission is quality of live through the provision of hygiene, sanitation, access to water, basic nutrition and enhancing self-esteem. The Milliner Found with their partners has positively impacted the lives of more than 14. (Milliner, 2014). 2. The environment One of the greatest problems that the world is facing today is that of elution major arising from organizations that are involved in man production. This kind of pollution is increasing with every passing ye grave and irreparable damage Group 1 6 Page to the earth. Environmental pollution consists of five basic types of p air, water, soil, noise and light. Air pollution is caused by a number o one being Sulfur Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide, Color-Floor-Carbon Oxides released from factories. This gas has slowly damaged the at on depleted the ozone layer leading to global warming Evidence of incur pollution is s seen in lung cancer, asthma, allergies, and irreparable ND fauna.

Water pollution on the other hand, is mainly caused by in products released into lakes, rivers, and other water bodies, has mad longer hospitable . Soil contamination occurs when chemicals from in released by spill or underground storage tank. Proper handling of w such as recycling or disposing of them properly by organizations NV production should constitute an important part in preventing global and more corporate have Joined the race to save the planet (Effects Environmental Pollution, 2005). Fin As an ethical issue Milliner is committed to making continuous impair management of our environmental impact and to the longer-term go a sustainable business.

Milliner will work in partnership with others environmental care, increase understanding of environmental issues disseminate good practice (Milliner, 2014). 2. 8 Innovation Innovation refers to new ways or means of doing things and therefore experimental. This means there are often risks that will be associate development and implementation of innovative programs so serious give back to the communal assessment test to see who. Participation, the corporate milliner corporate host social Impact as there bus global organization-Sofas EUNICE, and the World Foci quality to live through the water, hassle nutrition and with their partners has pop 27 The environment One of the greatest problem production.