Christian Business Ethics Assignment

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We will look at Just few examples In the Bible; certain passages have some clear or not so clear sections on managing and interacting with people in such positions. First, as a new hire or if in a new position as a supervisor, you a blank canvas or an already established environment to work with as illustrated in God’s word. Secondly, God created man to manage, be a caretaker of what we’re appointed over and in an orderly fashion. And thirdly, God teaches us how to interact or how we should interact with one another, in a kind and loving manner regardless of our differences or inadequacies.

Let’s begin with that, we were created in the likeness of God in, not peaking in appearances but in character and in strengths of abilities. Don’t get it wrong, I’m not suggesting In any way, shape, or form that we are an equal to him because we are not. We are more like the original Mini-Me to God, I am his Mini-Me as Imperfect as I am. We are all capable of the same character as his; capable of his same love, compassion, forgiveness, grace and kindness. Of course, as you know, we are a selfish creature and we end up a lot of times going in the direction of our own through his word, we MUST acknowledge and adhere to it if we are to succeed.

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I know I must, or self, can and will get in the way and corrupt any kind of authentic leadership I plan to function with. It’s clear in his word about how to proceed in managing people. In the beginning everything he created was in a sequential order, an organized structuring of subjects to manage. Things were arranged in the order of how God wanted us to manage things, (Genesis 1:1-25 NECK). After God had finished his creating of everything in this world, including the animals; arranging and managing things the way he needed them to be, God then created man.

Man was created after everything else was in place, after he ran things the way he needed them to be. He brought in a new manager to manage the store and to run things the way that he had set it up, he was doing a turnover if you will, giving Adam the reigns to manage things here on earth (Genesis 1:27-28). Now given the fact that man is now a fallen creature and we have had struggles with our nature ever since. God in his grace and redemptive nature sent his son to die on the cross for us, but while he was ere walking this earth he gave many teachings and parables.

Through his word and teachings, Jesus guides us too better way of leadership. He knows that our nature is self-preserving and that it takes effort to counter-act that, that’s why his teachings were about giving of your time and self, having compassion for one another. To be an effective manager/supervisor, we must have a compassion for everyone under your charge regardless of race, skin color, rich, poor or any other diversity. We can’t afford to be racial, discriminative or bias… To in today’s culture.

We are to go beyond just helping someone at the moment of his/her need but even afterwards; making sure they can stand on their own two feet and they do have the resources to do so, (The Parable of the Good Samaritan, Luke 10:30-37). We must make an effort to put others first and self aside, this will generate a certain loyalty from employees who will go the extra mile for us so long as we do that for them. First, we have to show that compassion first because that’s the shoes we’re wearing and we must lead by example.

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