Business Ethics, Social Responsibility Assignment

Business Ethics, Social Responsibility Assignment Words: 205

Environmental strategies can include: 0 developing or acquiring green businesses 0 divesting or altering environment-damaging businesses 0 striving to become a low-cost producer through waste minimization and energy conservation 0 pursuing a differentiation strategy through green-product features 10-17 Reasons Why Firms Should “Be Green” 1 .

Consumer demand for environmentally safe reduces and packages is high. 2. Public opinion demanding that firms conduct Dustless In ways Tanat preserve ten natural environment is strong. 3. Environmental advocacy groups now have over 20 million Americans as members. 4. Federal and state environmental regulations are changing rapidly and becoming more complex. 10-18 5. More lenders are examining the environmental liabilities of businesses seeking loans. 6. Many consumers, suppliers, distributors, and investors shun doing business with environmentally weak firms. 7. Liability suits and fines against firms having environmental problems are on the rise.

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Be Proactive, Not Reactive 0 A proactive policy views environmental pressures as opportunities and includes such actions as developing green products and packages, conserving energy, reducing waste, recycling, and creating a corporate culture that is environmentally sensitive. 10-20 ISO 14000/14001 certification 0 The ISO 14000 family of standards concerns the extent to which a firm minimizes harmful effects on the environment caused by its activities and continually monitors and improves its own environmental performance.

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