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The manager also told me that after this project, all Of internal engineers would be fired. C. I wrote permit letter to the company that I would not be able to come to the factory because I was sick. Actually, was not sick but I just wanted to go to beach to refresh my mind as I was just breaking up with my boyfriend and I feel so bad. . Time when I faced an ethical dilemma: When I was in elementary school, I loved to steal things. One day, I took a small scissor from book store just because I liked it and I put it inside my bag. After that, I went home and my mother realized that my stationary was increase as I had a “new scissor. My mother asked where I got that scissor and I confessed that I stole it. My mother was very angry to me. She said that we should give the scissor back to the book store.

I was very ashamed that I had to give it back though actually, I could just keep that scissor. This is the part that I experienced dilemma. Yet, my mother just said to the book store assistant that the scissor was carried away by us accidentally so I wasn’t rested on the jail. This problem consists of Universal Ethical Standards. Trustworthiness value because I stole scissor that showed I was not honest so I was not trustworthy. Integrity value since I was unbelievable that I stole the scissor.

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Responsibility value because after I stole, I gave back the scissor to the book store so it reveals that I was responsible on that event. The common ethical trap that I did was The Ends-justify-the Means Trap as I stole a scissor just because I wanted to have it. Impacts Of this event were: a. For my mother- she was ashamed and felt bad to me because she never aught me to steal but I stole a scissor and she never wanted to have a thief daughter. B. For me- my mother scolded me so I was very sad.

I was very ashamed too because I should give beck to the book store. I was in dilemma too as actually I could just keep that scissor but my mother told me to give it back to the book store so obeyed her command. C. For the book store- if I didn’t give back the scissor, the book store would experience loss as it didn’t get money form this one scissor. Yes, I would make the same choice because it’s the most correct act as I did the wrong thing so I should be responsible of what I did.

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