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According to ethical standard, it is two way thing, stakeholders of Time Nearer record saw the song as harmful, while they saw as being ethical to their made of cooperate managerial style. Due to pressure of the society and realization of their business being on stake. They have to registration and thought of how to be socially corporate responsible to suit the stakeholders, so that its good market share Mould b continual. As matters of fact, most other CEO, were in support of the Time Warner Nile some are not in support by the end of the day, they had to bend the society lampooning because of the manufacturer customer relationship.

Cause and expression of fidelity or morality, Ice-T Co starred on the MBA television services law and order. Special victims unit as detective ordain “in outlaw, partner of Richard Buzzers and detective John Munch. It was to show how responsible Ice-T was with due to due to pressure from protested society. 1 . Question And Answer 1) Was Ice-It’s song an exercise of free speech or sensationalism for profit? Ice-It’s songs was an expression of free speech, because Roger Saltiest the CEO of Challenge, line and who went on to be a controversial technology liaison at II Devise

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Noted, “l am enlarged. I think the concept of free speech has been perverted it is anti America, it is anti humanity, and there is no excuse for it. Effects behind these answers is as follows, there is follow; There is freedom of speech, freedom of expression, building the spirit of consistent, and finally means of Increasing sales. 2) Would you nave taken Eleven’s position? Yes, I would take Levis position, because he responded that the album would be pulled. He defended it as depicting the despair anger that hang in the air of every American inner city, not advocating attacks on police.

Effects; is as follows, not retreating from the case of threat, financial interest, try to support the firm resources, proving to be legal. 3) Evaluate the First Amendment argument. Evaluation of the first amendment argument, by August 1992, protest against the song had grown, and sales suffered. Ice-T, made decision himself to withdraw “Cop Killer” from the body count album. Time Warner asked music stores to exchange the body count album (Cad’s) for one without “Cop Killer”. Some store owners refuse by saying there is much worse records. 4) Would shareholder objection influence your response to such a controversy?

I’m supporting the question because the protest continued after the meeting, Penciled, Pisa Municipal Pension fund decided to sell 1. Emil USED in Time Warner holding to protest the Ice-T songs. Said Hotlist J, Champion a police officer and member of the city board of pension, and retirement, “It is fine that somebody would express their opinions, but we do not have to support it. Effect: Withdrawal of their capital refrains from proper decision making, it will reduce the sales of business, and there is lack of face value in the society. 2. Compare And Contrast What are the values in conflict in this case?

Why are some Coos so opposed to Time Nearer releasing the CD, and why do some see the controversy as an opportunity? How does Michael Nova’s point about a company contributing to the moral ecology relate to this case study? Rhea value in conflict in this case; a)Moral leadership b)Business ethics, censorship, moral responsibility, profit minimization and human right. NH some (Coo’s) are so opposed to Time Warner are releasing the Cad’s, and why do some see the controversy as an opportunity? Some ( ) opposed Time Warner releasing the Cad’s, because they tell t song by Ice- T is immoral and unethical for a company like Time Warner.

Because Nat people in society here might affect their perception and philosophy. Rhea reasons is as a matter of fact, most other Coo’s were in support of Time Warner, Nile some are not in support, so by the end of the day they hard to bend to the society clamoring because of the manufacturer – customer fidelity or morality, Ice-T starred on the special victims unit as detective doffing “Tim Tutorial, Partner of Richard lesser character, Detective John Munich. Although, it was to show how responsible Ice-T was with time due to pressure from the protested society. ”

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