Business Ethics Assignment

Business Ethics Assignment Words: 280

Other competitors have high prices for normal ND plain pizza but the pizza with topping had lower price than Domino’s. Other restaurants have also high and medium quality pizza whereas Domino’s has low and normal quality pizza. It can be concluded from the article that domino’s services are much better than any other pizza chain and in service providing sector providing pizza in half an hour. Q. 2) Imagine you were a Domino’s manager and had to answer the question: Should Domino’s continue to maintain 30-minute guarantee?

If not what do you suggest the company should put in its place to survive? NAS. ) I think Domino’s should not continue to maintain this 30 minute guarantee delivery commitment because protection is must from any undesirable event, accident can happen and other problems as well. They should adopt new quality pizza and recipes for the customers and compete with other pizza chains. They should also focus on the pure hygiene of the pizza. Q. 3) In your judgment, is Domino’s morally responsible for the deaths cited in the case? Explain your answer.

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NAS. Yes, I think Domino’s is answerable for the deaths cited in the case because protection and safety measures should be the first idea, customer can wait for an hour as well but this 30 minutes delivery can cause so many incidents which devastate life of the people. Driver must be speeding as the orders are given to them to deliver the pizza within 30 minutes, its ethically wrong. If there are not any complaints regarding the recent incident and which outcome led to the legal action and it’s just because the threat to the drivers.

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