Business Ethics Assignment

Business Ethics Assignment Words: 333

This text is mainly about how the environment of a corporation can affect the morality of a person, particularly the individual integrity and responsibility. The main issue raised in this text is that in the corporation world, the individual integrity and responsibility seems to be easily damaged and this will cause serious ethical dilemma for these people in this corporation.

In this text, the author tries to address the problem by providing some surveys (survey by AMA) or experiments (classic experiment by S Cash) which did by some professors to prove the exists of the problems. A particular case (the ADD Affair) of an influential corporation is also been used to demonstrate how the problems may appear in the real world. The main conclusion of this text is that organizational norms, pressure to conform, corrupting and diffusion of responsibility inside large organizations can all make the exercise f individual integrity difficult.

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The arguments “pressure to meet corporate objectives, to be a team player, and to conform to organizational norms can lead people to act ethically” and “diffusion of responsibility inside an organization can weaken people’s sense of moral responsibility” clearly figure out that the moral autonomy of individuals are indeed under pressure in the corporation world. As shown in the “ADD Affair”, Lawson was a victim of the corporation because he was pressured to meet the corporate objectives.

If he dad his own conclusion, then the accompanying delays would preclude on- time delivery of the production to L TV. Line in another aspect, had shown the diffusion of responsibility in this case as he said “it’s none of my business.. .Ii and start to shirk the responsibility he should take. After reading this text carefully, I get a better understanding of moral development in a corporation and know clearly what the pressure factors are in the corporation. Most importantly, it helps me to realize the deep-seated reasons of some incomprehensible problems.

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