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Since the beginning of politics and government In our nation there has been a set of laws and standards set In place, starting with the Declaration of Independence. The Declaration of Independence states, “all men are created equal with Inalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” (The Jeffersonian Perspective, up 1) This In a sense means that all men, and now women all have a chance to live their lives and be as free as they want to be as long as they are not disobeying the laws that are regarding their inalienable rights.

Laws have been in place since the ginning of time as a set of guidelines to keep our society in order. It is hard to reference the ideas of liberty and freedom and how they apply to business in today’s society all the way back to Thomas Jefferson. The ideas of liberty and freedom remain the same, but the world has changed so much from back then until today. The world has, and will continue to change at an outrageous pace, therefore making it hard to refer back to the original ideas that were put in place so long ago.

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In regards to the question at hand and how this question applies to the ideas of sees government intervention and “freer enterprise” in the business world, you have to look at each situation on a case-by-case scenario. Laws aren’t going anywhere anytime soon so you always have to refer back to the laws that are in place today and remain inside of these boundaries to ensure your liberty and your right to do whatever you want. I think that the idea of the Declaration of Independence still stands today in the sense of rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

People are basically free to do whatever they want as long as they are not breaking any laws. If I wanted to start up some sort of business tomorrow and had the financial means to do so I could go and do It. I would have to follow the regulations that would be behind starting up the business of my choice but I could start up a business tomorrow if I wanted to do so. Like I said above you would have to look at each scenario differently In regards to boundaries and limits In place to ensure social stability.

I Like the Idea of less government Intervention but also strongly agree that there has to be a set of laws and guidelines In place at all times to ensure social stability. The thing Is, In today’s society everybody wants to push the boundaries and challenge the laws and sometimes end up getting a different result than say another reason that these ideas are even being brought about is because the people who are in place to regulate these boundaries and laws are not consistent what so ever.

There can be a number of different factors why these regulatory figures aren’t consistent. Maybe they could have ties to the situation at hand that could affect them or maybe even their college roommate is the one facing the dilemma brought about y the breaking of laws. If the government wants people to start supporting them and not trying to push these limits they ultimately have to start being consistent, no matter the circumstances.

If a big time CEO knows that if they do something unethical and will be punished to the full extent no matter the circumstances then he or she will think a lot less about doing these types of things. Ultimately I think that there has to be a set of regulations, laws, and social mores in place for the business world to even function. Without these there would be omelet chaos and companies would not even be able to think about functioning on a daily basis.

Like Norman Bowie spoke about the ideas of respect and transparency are what I think makes a company successful. If a company is not doing anything wrong then they would have no need to not be transparent to the public and also to the end users of this company. I think that things like this can get you a lot further in the long run. Works cited Coates, Lyre R. , Sir. “Jeffersonian Perspective: Freedom, Liberty, Rights. ” Jeffersonian Perspective: Freedom, Liberty, Rights. N. P. , 1996. Web. 14 Feb.. 2014..

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