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They also stated that it can be fixed for temporary by switching of the engine and restarting the car buy for permanent fix, customer encouraged to kindly request to make an appointment at any of their service centers for the replacement of the PEPS column. 2. 2 Stakeholders 2. 3 Theories Periods recalling the Envy cars due the car was an unfinished product with proper materials. This could put customers life in jeopardy. The company must implement the ethic of care or called as Virtue ethics due to its customer’s life issue.

Virtue Ethics is not a system of rules, but rather a set of personal characteristics that, if practiced, will ensure that the individual is possible to make the right choice in any ethically complex situation. Fisher. C & Lovely. A, 2003). This theory can be called as Individualism too, Its focuses on the character of the ethical actor and on how good character develops, rather than on rules and duties (Waller. B, 2011).

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The focus of virtue ethics is not on the specific actions that should be taken but rather on the type of person we should be with good character, motives and core values as the root of it. (Wets. J, 2009) They shouldn’t release the car before the proper testing been done because it could kill someone life. Therefore, as automobile company they should give more attention n safety of the vehicle because humans life are valuable. Periods Managing Director Ducat Marina Rasher Scales had apologies for inconvenient cost by them and requested the Periods Movie user to return the car to replace the PEPS.

The company also has take responsibility for the hard times that given to the customers by giving some compensation to the customer such as free services or so on. Periods must Implement the Deontological theory too because In this case rights and justice are very important. According to some deontological approaches, certain ethical principles are attaching, even though of the consequences. Consequently a little action should be believed wrong even if the aftermath of the actions were good. Terrine. L & Nelson. K, 2011). The German philosopher Emmanuel Kant believed that moral concept of goodwill, that people make ethical decisions based on what is right, consider whether it can be accepted by everyone in every situation (Hartman. P, 2005). Fairness and equality are two things that the principle of Justice deals with. The equal distribution of opportunities and hardships are the main concerns of the moral authority which decides what is right and wrong.

According to rules and regulation a car cannot be released before a proper testing because it’s ethically wrong. They should make sure that the products are in a good condition before sell to the buyers. And also guaranties that the product in a good condition as been promised to the customers. Under the Consumer Protection Act 1999, the Car user can sue the automobile company for their action because if the car issue did not be fixed on the correct time it may lead to a major problem for the car. 2. 4 Law Act Consumer Protection Act 1999 2. Conclusion In conclusion, this kind of issue may lead to lost trust on the company and will affect their productivity too. In future, the organization must avoid of the careless mistakes and do not release the unfinished product or non-performance goods to the market. Testing should be done for all the products before the stock being release in order to remain the good name of the company. Terrine, L. And Nelson, K. 2011. Managing Business Ethics. 5th deed. USA: Courier Westwood. Weiss,J. 2009. Business Ethics. USA: South-Western Coinage Learning.

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