Business Ethics Assignment

Business Ethics Assignment Words: 311

I agree with Carson’s statement in that we need to distinguish between lying, deception, with holding information, and concealing information. It is the salespeople’s reasonability and duty to disclose any and all information when dealing with rational adult consumers. Although withholding information does not constitute deception, it is a cause for someone to have false beliefs.

Jean McGuire’s selling techniques did not include withholding information instead she gave false information to the prospective buyer. Maybe buyers need a little push to entice and increase their motivation, but the use of psychological manipulation is incorrect. Most people want what that can not have or want something that is no longer available and this technique preys on those traits we as individual’s posses. Holley takes his three conditions to be necessary conditions for an acceptable exchange.

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If the prospective buyer indeed purchases the property then in this case the conditions of an ideal exchange is not possible. The buyer would enter into an exchange under false pretense. Holley states that an ideal exchange is an exchange involving people who are fully informed, fully rational, and “enter into the exchange entirely of their own volition” (Holley 464). Jean McGuire understands the methods of her boss are unethical, but she does need this sale.

Falling behind in sales in comparison with the other sales team members and knowing she is the sole provider of her family makes up for the fact that the methods are unacceptable to good quality business practices. This buyer is depending on the knowledge of the seller and truly believes that there is another buyer. Jean’s selling performance is not following the ethical rules or principles that should govern the way that sales transactions are handled. This case does not meet the standards of morally acceptable sales practices that are laid down by Carson and Holley.

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