Survey of Human Resource Management Assignment

Survey of Human Resource Management Assignment Words: 317

There are many laws that have to followed by the human resource departments and are overlooked by the EEOC, for instance, using words in a bob advertisement that could in any way discourage some people from applying, recruiting in ways that could be seen as discriminating, how a hiring manager decides on who to hire for a job if there could be a conflict, for instance at the City of Charlotte we take bids for certain contract jobs and if the procurement department processed a contract based on a referral instead of the bids, it would not be ethical or fair to the bidders.

The EEOC also enforces pay and benefits, a business is not allowed to not give benefits o one and give them to another if they offering it to the rest, for instance a woman doing the same job as a man should receive the same pay considerations and if a business offers health insurance for full time employees, they can’t not offer it to a full time employee because they have health issues.

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Another aspect is that employees need to ensure that accommodations are made for disabled employees. The EEOC is responsible for making sure that when it comes to disabilities, the American with Disability Acts that protects people with disabilities from discrimination and entitles them to have reasonable accommodations are followed and enforced.

For instance, if somebody is in a wheelchair, they are entitled to have access to the public buildings, this also include bathroom accessibility (Editorial Board, 201 1). An employer is to make sure there is no discriminating against a person with disabilities or even if they have family with disabilities, they are to have the same opportunities for a job or promotions if qualified as anyone. They are to also ensure they are not harassed because of a disability.

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