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The responsibilities of human resource management division within an organization have increased over the time. The responsibilities include making policies, implementing practices and establishing systems in accordance with the requirements generated in an organization due to customer requirements. When an HRS division adopts the method of strategic human resource management, they find it possible to align all these policies, practices and systems to achieving the goals set up by the organizations. Challenges in the organization

The challenges that are faced for the development of organizations are massive and include external pressures from competitors and the environment. The required impact is not made by the help of the traditional measures. Changes in the internal as well as external environment are having adverse effects to an organization. Though it is possible for an organization to have direct control over the internal as well as the micro environment of the firm, it is impossible for having a direct control over the external environment in an organization and earlier adaptation is the only strategy that can be ken by the organization.

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Some of the major challenges that effect the HRS department in the next few years are the challenges of globalization. Employees are being rescheduled, promoted and replaced owing to the requirements developed from several branches of the organization. This often leads to conflict in terms of demographic and cryptographic requirements. The main reason behind this is that training, developing, resounding, promoting are just some of the responsibilities of HRS. Innovative measures are being applied by HRS around the world.

This is done in order to increase the employee’s satisfaction and to fulfill the organizations goals. It is not only necessary to have to meet the target ones. But is equally necessary to have the target met sustainability so that the growth depicted on the performance map never declines and always in on the rise. Along with this there is a challenge of attracting and retaining employees with in an organization. In spite of the prospective employee pool being big, there is always shortage for efficient and dedicated employees in the market.

The reason behind this is that there is a competition for securing the talented employees in an organization. Competitive companies wait so that the employees are dissatisfied in other firms and attract them. Retaining employees is yet another challenge for the HRS. Principles and goals of HRS One of the primary goals of HRS is strategic integration for achievement of the goals that is set by the organization. There are many issues that are faced by the organization.

These issues are converted in to strategic plans and are provided to the managers in a way that would ensure favorable decision making. Some of the principles that are followed by SHRUG includes that the reminisces are applied in favor of the strategies adapted by the organization for the fulfillment of its vision. The policies made by SHRUG are highly in parallel with the external and internal environment. The implementation of SHRUG initiatives tends to include stake holders, managers and employees so that it becomes a common effort.

SHRUG is not only responsible for planning the initiative bit also for implementing them and evaluating them. SRAM see employee’s satisfaction model as the Way through which customer satisfaction can be guaranteed. The fundamental aim remains that the organization will have skilled, engaged and motivated employees. One of the major principles of strategic HRS is that it will supply with a perspective through which issues related to the success factors of the people are addressed. Making strategic decisions o time will help them to make a long term impact on realization of goals.

The extent to which these principles are followed decides the credibility of SHRUG. The principles are set by Andorra and Engineer (1984) and they are the human resource functions have a strategic goal to be realized and the purpose behind it is evident. Human source dimensions are considered especially well when a strategy is being derived. The linkages should exist that ensures human integration when there is an organization decision making theta is involved. The challenges of meeting the needs of the business are met on a timely basis.

All levels of the organization have a responsibility and accountability towards the human resource management. Initiative taken by HRS are relevant to the business and situation with in the external environment are identified and are dealt with where in the organization is concerned. Internal and external factors hat influence the organization The several aspects of the external environment of the organization that are relevant to the strategic human resource management are the economical, political, social, demographic, legal and environmental factors.

Considering the economical factor, one of the main factors that influence the economy is labor shortage. The inflation and deflation of the currency of the state influences the organization. Not all economies are capable of supplementing the organization with excellent labor advantages. One of the reasons behind this is the additional acquirement of labor and efficient staffs in the organization. This is a problem that effects the implementation and formation of proper corporate strategies in an organization.

The legal responsibilities also have an important role in the organization. The laws and the political environment that is changing from time to time pauses a threat for the organization. There are laws in regard to employment, payment, safety, discrimination and many other that are made to help the organizations and the employees. But one of the major issues is that undue advantages can be taken out of them. The employees tend to reach because of lack or promotion or the feeling that is imposed on them when they feel there is lack of payment.

Globalization tends to create hostile environment for the employees working in an organization. The cultural environment has high relevance on HRS when employees have preconceived notions or when there is a conflict on terms of understanding between the employees, the employees and the management, or the employees and the clients. There are also chances for the problems to be originated from the internal atmosphere of an organization. It usually has to o with the structure in an organization. The structure and the flow of the organization usually tend arise conflict.

Communicating and maintaining relations with suppliers, distributes, providers all requires strategic vision for achievement that will benefit the business. Recommendations for HRS As it was mentioned HRS should be well equipped to deal with the changes that are bound to happen and would influence the organization in the next few years. Some of them are not having efficient labor, having labor but not trained and equipped, no proper reward management, non-alignment of he employees towards organizational goals, lack of ethics in terms of behaviors. These are some of the actions taken by SHRUG.

They have to adapt themselves to the way that will lead them to success. They will make the alignment of the management and the employees towards organizational culture a continuous factor. The culture of an organization is always formed keeping on mind the importance of attaining the vision, mission and the goals in their minds. It influences the employees to be fruitful in their efforts and disciplined and get along with each other harmoniously. For preparing the true the culture of the organization is reviewed and the gap is identified between the desired culture and the current culture of the organization.

They develop policies in accordance to the culture at the same time keeping focus on the culture that needs to be appreciated in the future so that the change can be faced head on. They try and evolve a leadership style in an organization that is situation and transformation in the organization. Leaders are trained in the pathway for fulfilling this goal of being effective in terms of transformational and motivational. The organizational culture will be thus influenced in a way that the management and the organizations walk in the required direction Of the organization.

The rules and innovation are aligned and mingled in a harmonious way to extract the pulp formed by their combination. Professionalism can be preserved at the same time giving importance to the silent forces in the organization like vision, innovation, heart, motivation, communication, empathy. All this gives a sense of belongingness in the employees of an organization and in turn reduces the attrition rate. Training and development are to be done in a way that would vive chances for out of the box even by remaining in the lines. Feedbacks are given at the right point of time for reinforce behaviors of employees.

They will try and improve the relationship that is existent between the employees and the representative. This will nurture empathy and team work. Communications should be improved in such a way that there will not be chance for grape wine or miscommunication that usually tends to develop conflicts. An environment that supports the heath and safety of the organization is developed. Sufficient importance is given to organization health and safety rules and their implementation. Discrimination will be removed by giving prior importance to talent and personality.

Staffs will be made aware and educated about the changes. They will be given sufficient knowledge about the reasons for the implemented changes in the system. Performance management will be reasonable and impartial. These are some of the steps that be taken by the human resource strategically to remain out of trouble in the coming few years. Conclusion Strategic human resource management initiative favors organization, but not at the cost of sacrificing employee satisfaction as they are well aware of employee importance in an organization.

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