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Sales Presentation Our product is known as Sharon’s Lollies (lollipops). We have a variety of different lollipops all with their own multitude of flavors. Our prospecting methods are cold calling, direct mail, & using our business website. Sharon’s Lollies is the only lollipop manufacturing/distributing company in American Samoa. It is fairly new and very promising. This sales call is an initial sales call to try and start multiple business relationships with different retailers and wholesalers who are interested in selling lollipops. Customer Profile And Planning Sheet: 1. Shalhout & Sons Retail P. O.

Box 4761 Pago Pago, AS 96799 www. shalhoutretail. com Business Type: Retail Buyer: Mr. Said Shalhout (Owner) 2. TMC Wholesale P. O. Box 20545 Pago Pago, AS 96799 www. tmzws. com Business Type: Wholesale Buyer: Mr. Ele Kaulia (Owner) The objective of our company’s sale call is to establish a business relationship with a few retail and wholesale companies in American Samoa. Our objective is to sell our company’s product to local retail/wholesale companies to promote local businesses. Our method for our sales presentation is a small conference between our company representative and the projected customers.

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This way all projected customers can ask questions and input together. There is no local competition for our business. The only major competition that our company would have is major companies such as Tootsie Pops & Blow Pops which both are very popular and favored on island. Although both companies are highly favored on island, Sharon’s Lollies has an advantage. Since Sharon’s Lollies is located on island costs for shipping & handling are non-existent. Buying lollipops from our company is much cheaper than from companies off-island.

Our approach is to contact random wholesale/retail businesses and inform them of our product and its benefits. Then we will set up plans to negotiate business. Marketing Plan Our research shows that lollipops are very popular in the island of American Samoa. People both young and old buy them every day. The major age group for consumers is the younger generation (ages 5-17). Since lollipops are now commonly sold at almost every store, school shop, & random fundraiser, children are able to buy however many lollipops they want, whenever they want.

With lollipops in such a great demand thanks to the many children of American Samoa, retail & wholesale stores find themselves wasting so much money by buying lollipops from name brand companies in the states that have high prices plus shipping and handling. Unfortunately, American Samoa never had a local lollipop manufacturing/distributing company until now. Now with Sharon’s Lollies retail/wholesale stores will not be pestered by shipping costs and can help support our country’s economy during such a financially complicated time. Economics Our target market is retail/wholesale stores.

The current demand that our customer has is that they need a cheaper way to buy multitudes of lollipops to re-sell to kids seventeen and younger. Our company’s potential growth depends on the participation of other companies in a business-like manner with our company. Our company has great potential and will most likely be very prosperous seeing that it will be the only Lollipop manufacturer on the island. There are a few barriers that face our company before we completely enter our new company in the business. Seeing how we are distributers our production cost will be very high.

The problem with that is that we might lose money. It will take a while before anybody eats our candy do to the fact that it isn’t a brand name on the lollipop. Our future workers must all first learn the skills and train since our company is new and technology constantly changes. Technology would affect this lollipop making process. It would most likely make things much easier than it was before. Shipping costs is now a worry of the past. Our plan to overcome these obstacles is to first advertise properly and constantly so people will know and want to try “Sharon’s Lollies. The change of technology should benefit my company since it will help in making the sell a go! Our only problem is if the US goes into an even further financial slump we could be broke. Product Lollipops are basically and most importantly just hard candies with a small stick in it. The tightly wrapped white paper stick is a handle, and the hard candy lollipops are either sucked or bitten apart until eaten. Lollipops can come in all different sorts of shapes, colors, and sizes. From the “Tootsie Pops” to the “Dum Dum” lollipops, there are so many different types of lollipops.

Even though lollipops come in different sizes and each lollipop seems different from the others, the lollipop is basically made by corn syrup, sugar, flavorings and water. Features and Benefits Sharon’s Lollies have a random assortment of lollipops. They have regular flavored lollipops (flavors include cherry, watermelon, grape, blueberry, green apple, etc. ). Another type of lollipop manufactured/distributed by our company is the “Gummy Pop”, a lollipop with a piece of gum in the center of it, in a variety of flavors (such as, cherry, watermelon, etc. . We also have “Choco Pops” and “Rocket Launchers”. “Choco Pops” are basically self-explanatory, a lollipop with a chocolate center (this lollipop also has multiple flavors such as raspberry, orange, etc. ). “Rocket Launchers” are Lollipops that are not circular but long and twisted to resemble a small little firecracker of some sort. Rocket Launchers are only one flavor and that is wild cherry. A few after-sale services that our company provides is that delivery will of course be free seeing how we are the only distributor on our island.

We also have a 100% money back guarantee if our customers are not satisfied with the products supplied to them. Customers Our target customers are retail stores and wholesales. Our customers are basically the ones who supply major grocery stores and super markets with food items and more. All of these businesses are located within American Samoa and are of small size. We here at Sharon’s Lollies give nothing but the best quality lollipops and are always ahead in technology for our company. As of the moment our prices are set but negotiable. We will discuss prices later on in our presentation.

Competition Our only competition is major companies that are off-island such as Tootsie Pops and Charms Blow Pops. Both companies are located in the states far away from the island of American Samoa. They most likely will compete against our small company for American Samoa’s business/ Our company has two advantages though. Being that we are already located on the island, no expensive shipping costs will have to be made and potential customers will save money. Secondly, we pride ourselves in provided top-quality lollipops for our customers. Table 1: Competitive Analysis

FACTORMeStrengthWeaknessCompetitor ACompetitor BImportance to Customer ProductsVariety of LollipopsXTootsie Pops (brand name)Blow Pops (brand name)3 Price$17 a box of lollipops (no shipping costs)XExpensive with and w/out shipping costsExpensive with and w/out shipping costs1 QualityTop QualityXMass-made, occasional defectsMass-made, occasional defects3 SelectionVariety of Lollipops availableXOnly tootsie pop, then a assortment of chocolatesOnly blow pops2 ServiceWe try to establish a relationship w/customersXTop Priority is that customers get their products.

Top Priority is that customers get their products. 5 ReliabilityCompletely reliable or your money backXVery ReliableAlso reliable5 ExpertiseContinuous researching is always being doneXPros at the lollipop businessPros at the lollipop business3 Company ReputationNot well knownXWell known brand nameWell known brand name1 LocationOn the islandXIn the USIn the US2 Sales MethodCold-calling and ConferencesXContacted by customersContacted by customers1 AdvertisingTV, NewspaperXTV, Internet, Magazines, etc. TV, Internet, Magazines, etc. 1

Our company’s competitive advantages are that we strive to make top quality lollipops. Any defected ones will be tossed. We also are located on island which is more convenient for our potential customers. We offer a 100% money back guarantee if the customer is not satisfied and we always try to maintain a professional business relationship with each and every customer. Our competitive disadvantages are that our company being fairly new is not well known. We most likely will be bought out by major US companies for a while until we become a bit better known.

Lastly, we are still fairly new to the business so there are most likely a few things that the major companies might know that we don’t. Nonetheless, we continuously do market researching every day to better familiarize ourselves with our products. Niche & Strategy Our niche is the manufacturing and distribution of assortments of lollipops. We pride ourselves in providing nothing but top-quality lollipops or your money back. We also take pride in the fact that we are the first lollipop manufacturer/distributor on island. We plan on conferencing with random retail and wholesale owners to sell our products too.

Our strategy is to cold-call major retail and wholesale owners on island and set up conferences with them to discuss further business relationships. We also have a business website for potential customers to check out & send flyers and information packs via direct mail. Promotion We have a multitude of ways to promote our products. We have a business website that all interested customers are free to check out. We also placed ads in the newspapers and on TV. Flyers and information packets about our company were and can still be sent if wanted via direct mail or email.

We will do this monthly so that our company definitely will get recognized. Lastly, the best type of advertisement is that of your friends. We have many promoters out there along with a network of friends who help spread the word about Sharon’s Lollies. We want our customers to see us as a professional business who strives for top quality and the ability to save our fellow island businesses a few bucks. We only plan on spending $350 a month on this. Pricing Our pricing is determined simply by comparing products with competition and viewing how much they charge and from there we make a reasonable price on our products.

For example, a box of Charms Blow Pops would probably cost somewhere around $15 not including tax and shipping costs. After adding both the tax and shipping cost, those blow pops will probably come up to say $25 for that one box. Our company’s “Gummy Pops” are of much better quality and a box of them would probably cost $17 because there is no tax or shipping costs to be bothered with. So our company always finds a way to get profit but remain cheaper. In American Samoa, a lot of decisions are made on the price of an item.

If the businesses on-island find a brand item that costs a lot, they most likely won’t get it if they can find a less known one that is cheaper. Proposed Location Our company’s warehouse and manufacturing plant will all be located in the village of big business, Tafuna. This location is very good since majority of our customers pass through here every day on random business affairs or just to get home. Our company would be properly situated in one of the bigger lands which resides close to shops that wholesales actually supply to. Parking is reasonable and it’s not too out of the way.

It probably is what our customers are expecting to see & hopefully want. Our competition is located in the states and it is better left at that because if they were to station down here it would hurt business. Distribution Channels Our products are sold to random retail and wholesale companies in American Samoa. FeatureAdvantageBenefit Variety of lollipopsMore chance at salesMore money for both us and customer Manufactured on islandNo shipping costs or taxBoth companies save money 100% money back guaranteeIf customer isn’t satisfied they can get their money backTrust is established between both parties

SELL Sequence for each FAB: 1. We sell a variety of lollipops [feature]. This gives both our company and yours a chance at more sales [advantage]. That means that we both would be making more money [benefit]. Does that sound good? [trial closed] 2. Our lollipops are manufactured on island [feature]. That means you don’t have to pay any tax or shipping costs [advantage]. So, that means both your company and ours saves money [benefit]. Do you like that? [trial closed] 3. We give a 100% money back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied with our product [feature].

With that you can get all your money back and have no losses [advantage]. That establishes a good trust relationship with both companies [benefit]. Wouldn’t you like that? [trial closed] Select and write three closes indicating three different closing techniques. Closing 1. Well Mr. Shalhout would you like use to deliver this week or the next? Closing 2. Yes, well thanks for your time Mr. Kaulia. We will have your order in as soon as possible. Closing 3. Thank you for your time and support. So our company will have your order in by tomorrow, Mr. Shalhout.

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