Sales Department Issues Assignment

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Business Practice Management Counselor 65 Black Street London 5560 29th November 2011, Business Equipment and Systems Managing Director 7560 Louis Park Ave S Birmingham 3658 Object: Suggestions about the Sales Department M. BESOR, As you asked me to, I have conducted a survey to your employees. So are the observations I have made: As you may have noticed, these last eighteen months have been poor in sales: your company has lost 10% of its turnover because of the Sales Department.

As you already know, this department changed its sales manager which strongly affected the work of the team. Before that change, the last manager knew how to motivate her team: we need to motivate it again. In order to do so, you should follow some advices that made their proofs. First of all, you could re-organize the team: to see with all members of the sales team what are their expectations. I heard that some of them would like to leave the team: it may be a way to have new blood and new ideas in the team.

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Some of the employees would like to move to another product line: let them make a try of a few months, if their quota doesn’t improve then you may be able to send them back to their last job. Before making any move, you should send them to a training to motivate them. In that way they will see they are important to the company: you spend money on their training in order to have a better qualified team. Second of all, you need to have a cohesive team. It exists some way to have one: you should organize a seminar that involves every one.

You should choose a theme for the seminar like the Olympics Games: a way to represent the international strategy of the company. You could extend the seminar to other departments of the company and let them compete against each other: Like this the sales team could act like a united team. Another way to improve the moral of the team would be to get free coffee. Coffee is really important in the work world, letting them have free coffee would bring a better environment: they may work harder. Obviously, any abuse should not be accepted.

Always in order to change the work environment into a better place, you should bring people together based on their product sales. Not having a complete open-space for the sales team but only for those who work on selling the same product. Otherwise, in order to have a united team, you should propose a new calculation mode based on the product team. It means that as you have 3 different teams, they should have some kind of competition between each other: if a team has the best progression of the month then the people of the team will obtain 2% more on its individual commission.

Finally, it exists a complementary way to motivate your team: to offer them a ‘thank you’ gift when they are making a good job, individually or in group. That gift may be proposed under the form of a smartbox worth 60???. If you need any other information, do not hesitate to contact me. I really hope these few advices will help you to get better results in terms of benefits, environment and work. Looking forward to hearing from you, Yours sincerely, A. R.

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