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Much detail and focus is essential to the construction of renovating of an entire hospital cafeteria. It is quite uncommon for such attention to be given to a functional structure, leaving the pure project and matrix structures as alternate methods. A possible choice or alternative would be the matrix. The reason this would serve as the best alternative is due to the mixture of the functional structure and pure project. A downside of the pure project structure is that it dismisses the project members after the achievement of the project.

Needless to say, a complete innovation and reconstruction of a hospital cafeteria is a unique task and, not a regular occurrence therefore; the logical and better alternative used is a pure project structure. For this reason, the pure project structure is chosen as the organizational structure for completing the renovation of the hospital. The pure project structure is the perfect structure for the completing the hospital renovation because of its adaptability. It is also the most popular option used for a renovation construction project of this magnitude.

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The project manager’s role is especially important to a this specific task using the ere project structure. The reason for the use of the pure project structure is that it has short communication lines, reacts quickly to changes, and is known for its simplicity and adaptability. The project manager has and needs ultimate authority needed to successfully achieve the task of renovating the hospital cafeteria. Any changes in plans to the hospital cafeteria renovation will call for a quick reaction.

The project managers responsibility is to oversee the entire project and have nonstop contact with top management to quickly counteract unforeseen changes. The last reason the pure project structure as chosen is its user friendly ability. Its simplicity and flexibility allows the project to run smoothly and, as a result, it most advantageous and the best alternative functional and matrix structure. Authorization for the organizational structure was decided upon by taking into account the project’s size, time frame, uniqueness, and experience with the structure itself (Serener, 2006). Reject planning Monitoring performance for the hospital kitchen renovation project involves obtaining pertinent status information from several sources. Several tasks have dependencies on other tasks. Some tasks cannot start until another task is complete. Because of this link and to make the most proficient use of time accurate and timely status is required. To alleviate the risk of delays because of communication gaps; the stakeholders requested that we publish a communication plan to detail how each project member communicates with other stakeholders.

Weekly the project manager calculates cost and schedule variance. Cost variance is calculated as stated by (“MAMBO Guide,” 2008, p. 182) “Cost variance is a measure of cost performance on a project. It is equal to the earned value (EVE) minus actual costs (AC). Several of the stakeholders are concerned with cost variance as the hospital is also building an orthopedic building the budget is strictly controlled. Schedule variance is a concern of the project team as we have many dependencies. In order to meet our deadline we must stick to the schedule.

There is very little room a negative schedule variance, as it is directly tied to cost. Currently, several stakeholders are not attending the weekly project meetings. This includes Chief Executive Officer, and Chief Financial Officer. These are essential stakeholders and they must be informed of status, and requirements. It is important that we identify the deliverables and milestones clearly. Using this method to describe deliverables from the statement of work we reduce the likelihood Of a missed expectation. Reject Revisions When a project is started there could be changes or revisions on how the project is worked and operated. The hospital kitchen is currently being renovated while in operation and while contractors are on-site installing new equipment. With this in mind, existing equipment has the possibility of damage or malfunctions because of electrical, plumbing and mechanical failures. Contingency plans for such events are critical in revising the project. The project manager must inform the project team far ahead of time of the potential risks during the construction phases.

This will allow the project team to perform at a higher efficiency because they will know what to expect and how to react through the duration of the renovation. Timely delivery of supplies is not common in renovations, especially with amount of large equipment required for this project. Delays for equipment will cause an extension of project task and completion times, therefore, forcing the project anger work through additional conflict. The delay of equipment will cost the project time and money; this where revisions in the project will need to be made.

The project manager must identify areas of opportunity to make up time and reduce or cut costs. With inevitable delays, the project manager must communicate with the Vice President and the General Contractor of the revisions made to cut costs and make up time. For example, the project manager may jump to other tasks, related to the project, to keep the project moving forward. The project manager may also revise the plan to eliminate a an-detrimental portion of the project scope to recover loss of funds caused by the delay. Communication is essential to solving conflict.

The best ways to reduce conflict is to identify areas of opportunity. With this in mind, the team and the project manager can work together and complete the project in a timely manner. The revision will be communicated by morning project team meetings. Revisions will also be communicated by e-mail to inform the entire organization of the status of the project and its changes. Phone conferences or a simple phone call can take place if meetings are not possible. According o Serener (2009), “Good project managers realize that conflicts are inevitable, but that good procedures or techniques can help resolve them”.

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