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During the preparation phase, tester will use the prototype, use case and functional specification to write step by step test cases. Testers will maintain a clarification Tracker sheet and same will be shared periodically with the Requirements team and accordingly the test case will be updated. The clarifications may sometimes lead to Change Requests or not in scope or detailing implicit requirements. Sign-off for the test cases would be communicates through mail by Business Analyst’s. Any subsequent changes to the test case if any will be directly updated

Test Execution Process Once all Test cases are approved and the test environment is ready for testing, tester will start a exploratory test of the application to ensure the application is stable for testing. Each Tester is assigned Test cases directly in HP ALMA. Testers to ensure necessary access to the testing environment, HP ALMA for updating test status and raise defects. If any issues, will be escalated to the Test Lead and in turn to the Project Manager as escalation. If any showstopper during exploratory testing will be escalated to the respective development Spots for fixes.

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Each tester performs step by step execution and updates the executions status. The tester enters Pass or Fail Status for each of the step directly in HP ALMA. Tester will prepare a Run chart with day-wise execution details If any failures, defect will be raised as per severity guidelines in HP ALMA tool detailing steps to simulate along with corrections if appropriate. Daily Test execution status as well as Defect status will be reported to all stakeholders. Testing team will participate in defect triage meetings in order to ensure all test cases are executed with either pass/fail category.

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