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Calm, Honey Claire E. ABA Psychology Ill- La Starts Personal Therapy Experience September 4, 2013 “An unresolved issue will be like a cancer with the potential to spread into other areas of your relationship, eroding the Joy, lightness, love and beauty. ” * Joyce Vessel Identifying problems. Major concerns in Life. Different aspects of life that may affect oneself. These are some of the subdivisions of thoughts came up to my mind when I heard that we are asked to have a counseling session with our counselors.

With this thoughts running in my mind, I kept on thinking what are the possible things or robbers I need to attend to. As a student, it was my first time to be involved in a counseling session. Even though I have brief background about it, I still felt nervous knowing that I would be sharing some private aspects of my life with a complete stranger. At first, I thought it wasn’t easy but my impression proved me wrong. Let me share to you how I proved my impression wrong. My experience during my counseling session amazed me. Through it I learned and realized a lot of things with deeper understanding.

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First, when I was about to enter the guidance office, I thought f many things that might happen inside the counseling room. I thought I might get awkward towards my counselor but the exact opposite happened. On the beginning of our counseling relationship, the moment I met my counselor, Mr.. Ryan Tristan Dugan, I can say that he was very welcoming and trying to build rapport through his genuine smiles and gestures. Before we properly started with our conversation, he informed me that at the end of the session we should be able to achieve goals that I might use to overcome my concerns in life.

He also told me in this counseling session e have; all though we both now that one of my reasons I scheduled one is that we are tasked to do so, everything I say will be hold in confidentiality. At the middle part of our counseling session, as I told him my concerns and problems in the different aspects of my life, he facilitated me all throughout the session. He guided me through a General lead and Approval. He also rejected some of my insights that helped me realize that I misinterpreted some things.

He helped me understand better and gave me options on how will I deal with this problems and encores I’m facing. He also clarifies things when he wasn’t sure when he get my point right and summarizes it if he understands my point. And when we are about to end our first session, he summarized the important points that I shared to him. He also pointed that in all aspects of my life (studies, family, eve e Y’-C) I don’t nave major problems Tanat we malign nit on a goal as Tort now. He was true because as for that moment my life was smooth sailing.

This counseling session that we had made me realize so many things in life, like I shouldn’t be sousing on myself only but I should also be aware of other’s feelings. In this session, it made me understand deeply why things happen and why certain problems appear in our life. And by honestly acknowledging your past errors, but never damning yourself for them, you can learn to use your past for your own future benefit. I can quote this session what it taught me Just like what DRP. Issues said “Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple. ” We are the ones who complicate things even though it shouldn’t be.

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