Improving Pastry Sales at Starbucks store Assignment

Improving Pastry Sales at Starbucks store Assignment Words: 526

High mark outs are a major problem of this particular store because it Increases the amount of labor, thus affecting the efficiency of the employees. Therefore, changes are needed to allow Cutbacks store to improve pastry sales to allow for lower mark outs and increased employee coverage hours. This report explores alternatives for improving pastry sales and thus decreasing pastry mark outs. I considered that the main part of the whole report Is recommendations. They guess that the following recommendations will help Cutbacks store #7989 reach their goals of improved pastry sales and decreased pastry markets.

They offer to provide better product information for customers; healthier pastries in line with current health; offer combination meal Items to customers that will allow them to save money and the store to sell pastries. Moreover, create flavor themes that tie menu items together to draw attention acquire more in-depth opinions of customers by use of focus groups and properly train Baristas on successful up selling techniques and maintain consistency of use with customers.

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Published literature and surveys results both show that listening to the customer and following their trends/patterns can prove to have the most successful results. The preceding recommendations have been designed to give customers better options, better information and an overall better experience at Cutbacks. This review of recently published literature covers current consumer and market trends in the food,’bakery Industry, data-gathering strategies to be used In marketing techniques, and marketing strategies for both internal and external customers.

Some authors have identified one key to successful external communication as recognizing trends and monitoring them closely. These trends can determine how new products are Invented and then marketed to consumers. One market researcher claims that there are three main consumer trends in the bakery goods arena: health, convenience and pleasure. Moreover, to increase customer them a chance to sample the new items before committing to a purchase. The use of creative setups plays an important role in sales of product.

According to the authors, gathering ideas from your employees can be beneficial in gaining vital information on what is and sin ‘t working, as well as gaining ideas on how to improve current strategies. Now I want to pay attention to our health alternatives. Several authors continue trying to stress the importance of health. Showing that many different restaurants have had much luck in changing their menu to higher quality foods is irately improving their sales while also showing the public they are interested in more than Just money.

They also show that they are concerned about public ‘s health. According to the Mecum “Men and women perceive flavors and tastes differently’ so men and women have different ideas of what they should be eating. Advertisers must be aware of who they are trying to sell their product to. That way the sales will be higher and people will be getting something they want as well. In conclusion I would like to pay attention on these particular aspects that were given in the report for simplify generating pastry sales.

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