Human Resource Management vs. Personal Management Assignment

Human Resource Management vs. Personal Management Assignment Words: 482

This means that HARM foresees issues and works towards resolving them in a proactive way compared to PM. HARM has a proactive approach towards dealing with its functions which are, ; Attracting/ Attaining ; Developing ; Retaining A company with HARM thinks ahead, and plans ways to better meet the needs of its employees, and for the employees to meet the needs of the company as well.

This is done by improving everything from hiring practices and employee training programs to assessment techniques and discipline. HARM uses sophisticated recruitment policies to hire all employees. This is a long and tedious process with several stages such as, 1. Manpower planning, 2. Identification of the vacancies, 3. Job Analysis, 4. Budget preparation and Screening and Interview etc. In PM this is not the case. Sophisticated hiring practices are used only to recruit senior staff.

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This clearly indicates that HARM has a proactive approach since they recruit highly skilled workers so that they will become the managers of the company one day rather than spending a lump sum on hiring new employees for senior positions. This is known as work force planning which is a proactive practice. HARM works hard to meet the needs of their employees. Planning ahead can help to improve the rate of skilled employees who chose to remain working for the company.

HARM focuses on a ‘Pay for contribution’ method where as in PM it’s ‘Pay by Position’. Since employees are motivated to work harder since they are getting paid for their work rather than what their position in the company this is beneficial for the many in the long run. Further more companies with HARM, the employees will remain with the company for a longer period of time since the remuneration package is better compared with PM.

Better retention will avoid sudden hiring of employees and eradicate the need to look for new people. This is a prime example of HARM been proactive. Based on the above information it is fare to say that for PM is more suitable for day to day management, e. G. A person who lives from pay check to pay check with no other plan. Development is another key function of HARM. Due to HARM lancing all employees undergo vast number of training programs to develop their skills.

Such as specialized on-site training (some provided by senior members of the company), one on one assessment, coaching sessions and cross training. These help employees reach peak performance rates. In PM training and development is restricted to managerial employees. This is a reactive method since all other employees need to depend on the manager for majority of the issues at work. If the manager is not available work will seize. Since HARM provides training to all employees they are able to make decisions on their own.

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