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They are the middle-level management who employees directly report to and also have responsibility to a higher management level for those staff. (Idea from: http://www. Cupid. Co. UK/her- resources/effectuates/role-line-managers-her. Asps) The way line managers use to manage their employees is the most critical factor in employee management in the hotel. However, Gabbing Hotel is currently in the bad situation partly due to the poor management of line managers.

Not only they have poor management skills, but they also cannot motivate their employees to work well together in the workplace, which resulting at the high turnover and morale of staff. Therefore, it is urgent that there must be an appropriate raining for all of the hotel’s managers so as to improve their necessary management skills. The below training course are prepared with all specific information about the activities and their lessons for those managers. . 1 . Line-managers training program First-line managers training course will be conducted at the hotel’s hall in two days. The main objectives of the Course is to help the line-managers who come from different departments in Gabbing Hotel learn how to solve difficulties in job management, and to improve their management skills, emotional intelligence, leadership and time management.

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Then, the survey form will be passed to them to get their opinion about the training course such as is it useful or not, do they satisfy about the course or not, etc. After all, the feedback and the result will be sent to the hotel CEO to him/her see which done for the two day of training. 2. 2. Motivating line managers Besides the two-day training course, to motivate responsibilities in line managers, Gabbing Hotel should give some decisions in long-term reward. For example, the hotel should record the quality of line managers working monthly.

Based on the recording, the hotel will know who hardworking people are, who usually work overtime, who work effectively, etc… Then, they will give these managers bon uses, holidays or pay/ rise overtime working. Once the line managers did not fulfill their responsibilities, senior managers as supervisors must point out the mistake immediately. Diverse Workforce Teamwork Training “Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives.

It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results. ” (Andrew Carnegie, Avian Air Base, Italy, 2007). Hence, teamwork plays an essential ole in the success of the works. However, Gabbing Hotel is currently having problems with the employees’ attitude towards working with their colleagues; that is, they cannot work effectively as a team. Thus, our firm has prepared a two-day teamwork training course for all level of staff in the hotel. As the hotel still operates as normal, we will divide the employees into two shifts; each shift lasts for one full day in the hotel’s hall.

This interactive one-day course provides employees a platform to assess their skills and attitudes to operate as part of a team. It builds the foundation and gives them opportunities to practice team skills through role-plays and group work. Our professionals will control the activities and expound the lessons learned from each game. The activities schedule for each shift is as follows: I MORNING Activities team II 1:AAA. M- Ip. M LUNCH: IP. M – UP. M Design the box side 1 AAA. M-?? AAA. M I Lila. M- 11:AAA. M The effective member I Activities app. M – up. M 1 APP. M – 5:app. I I Time I Forming new Challenge card I AFTERNOON 1 app. M-up. M I The blind I Outstanding To begin the day, we have chosen the game named ‘Forming New Team’, which should be a perfect kick-start. As the name implies, the purpose is to quickly form new teams among the staff who do not usually work together, and then to learn factors that help and hinder team problem-solving and decision-making, and finally to get acquainted with other participants. The next game is ‘Challenge cards’, which aims to help employees identify and think through challenges, problems and potential pitfalls in a product, service or Strategy.

TO be successful in this game, all the team members should know how to work as a group, how to avoid conflicts and solve problems when needed. The last game in the morning session is ‘The effective team member’, hose the objectives are helping the employees learn the characteristics of the effective team member, understand the techniques of reaching a consensus decision and learn how to observe team dynamics. Our company will continue the training after one-hour lunch. The game master will introduce an interesting game named ‘Design the box’. The employees have to be in small group and discuss to make an impressive box to win the game.

Thus, the activity improves the spirits of team-working as well as the communication among team members. The next game is ‘Blind side”, which helps employees express their opinions, feelings and attitude towards the toll. All managers of the hotel are also invited to join in to listen to their employees and address all of their misunderstanding and wondering. It will be a friendly and warm meeting to get to understand more about the hotel and be closer to the managers, encouraging employees to raise their voice so that they can contribute to the improvement of the hotel.

The working attitude and morale of employees, therefore, will be enhanced. Lastly, a small activity called “Outstanding” will bring everyone to a happy ending. This activity shows a team work’s recognition, collaboration and friendship among he staff. Further details of the games are indicated in Appendix 1 and information about the budget is included in Appendix 2. Evaluation and Appraisal Conclusion The proposed plan consists of all necessary activities to address the three main problems of Gabbing Hotel, which relate to People Management, Diverse Workforce, and Teamwork.

Beside the two training courses: one for line-mangers and the other for all level of staff in the hotel, we also recommend approaches that managers can take in daily operations. By conducting multiple activities as suggested, Gabbing Hotel will be able to overcome all the current challenges and gradually improve its operation performance. Furthermore, the price of our services is also an important factor for the hotel to consider. It is relatively competitive and worth with the positive outcomes the services will bring.

Therefore, Gabbing Hotel can trust the quality of our services by accepting and adopting our project’s proposal. APPENDIX Teamwork training course a. Morning session: * Game 1 – FORMING ENTREAT Group size: 10 people per group Equipment: 1 . Copies of the following for each person: ; Getting to know you ; The things you know you know ; Team process review 2. Flip-chart and markers or overhead projector, blank transparencies and acetate marking pens. Description of activities: 1. Give each person a card with the name on it that is part of a pair of names. See ideas for pairs hand-out.

Make sure that people who know each other are not paired. Explain the purpose of the activity. Ask the participants to take out their cards and find theirs partners. 2. Round 1: Once they find their partners, they are to use the Getting to know you hand- Out to facilitate their discussion. Allow 15 minutes. 3. Round 2: Ask the pairs to find another pair and introduce their partners to each other, using the information from the hand-out. Allow 15 minutes. 4. Round 3: Distribute The thing you know you know hand-out. Explain that the task is to use their team resources to answer the questions.

Allow 15 minutes. 5. When they have answered the questions, give participants copies of Team processing review and ask them to complete it. 6. The teams should use the form as a basis for discussion of factors that help and hinder team effectiveness. 7. Summarize the leanings from the team experience by first asking the group to share its answers to question 4 on the process review. The facilitators should add any points not sufficiently covered.

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