Human Resource Management: Measuring Performance Assignment

Human Resource Management: Measuring Performance Assignment Words: 305

Based on the video I am making the assumption that Ford Motor Company uses their compensation package and benefits to promote employee performance but am unsure Of how they measure reference. Metro Bakery has a standard performance evaluation that is conducted at 3 months, 6 months, and 1 year. They also give continual feedback to their employees. However their main focus is on customer service and how their employees interact with their customers. They also have the philosophy that if you don’t call, you don’t care.

Buxomest. Com allows their employees to rate themselves as a part of their performance ovals. Then the manager completes the evaluation. What is the process for performance evaluations in your organization? For progressive discipline? According to our policies and procedures at my organization, the process for performance evaluation for employees, excluding faculty and Meds, is that each employee will have a 90 day evaluation from the date of hire and then annual evaluations.

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Annual evaluations must be completed within 30 days of an employee’s review date. The completed performance evaluation must be reviewed and approved by the next highest official to the rating supervisor. Employees must be allowed 30 days to make a formal request for reconsideration for their performance evaluation. The employee must sign the form stating that they have discussed he rating with the supervisor. They must also receive a copy whether they agree or disagree.

Although this is the policy, it is not always followed. Evaluations are not performed in a timely manner in all departments but the issue goes unaddressed until a situation arises where there is a request to review the last evaluation. As far as progressive discipline, prior to issuing a written warning or dismissing an employee for cause, a supervisor must consult with HER Employee Relations.

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