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Everyone has their dream job, most will not achieve their dream, but that is why am going to school and am going to make it happen. My dream job would be opening a gymnastics gym. From taking gymnastics for 12 years and teaching it for 6 have found my love and passion for the sport of gymnastics. Always wanted to teach kids but I have realized love business, kids, and gymnastics so it would be perfect to open my own gymnastics gym. Opening a gymnastics gym takes a lot of work and effort. Over the years of thinking and processing how I could make this happen, I believe I have came up with a neural plan.

When I graduate college and am on my feet (having my plan all together) will go for it and fulfill my dream job. 1. Create a job description and specifications for your dream job. There are many job specifications of owning a gymnastics gym. At first I will try to open a smaller place with only a couple employees. My job would include, coaching, enrolling children, dealing with insurance of the gym, making sure the equipment is up to par, paperwork, banking, and overall making sure the children are having fun and learning at the same time.

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Other Han my part in the gym, my employees will have a large part in this; they will need to be former gymnasts or coaches. I have been in many different gyms where the coaches only knew how to coach and not how to do, this can affect the students because they will not be able to be shown physically how to do it and it could take a child a lot longer to learn if their teacher can not even show them how. I plan to have coaches who are either still doing gymnastics or they are able to perform easy tricks. Next I need each employee to have background checks and take a class on the child’s safety.

This will ensure that the coaches do not have a background and if something may happen to a child they will know what exactly to do. Overall, I will be teaching but mostly the business aspect at first, until we expand and are still growing. For a further description on my part in the business, I mentioned earlier that will be doing coaching, enrolling children, dealing with the insurance of the gym/children, making sure the equipment is up to par, paperwork, banking (paying the bill and controlling the finances) and making sure each and everyone is having fun while learning/improving at the same time.

To even get started I would need to rent a place that is big enough for the equipment and also in place that will attract customers. Next I would need to find the finances to be able to start and rent the place along with getting the equipment and getting the business on its feet. There will be small mouth-to- mouth advertising along with some online and flyers around town. Following that, I would need to put out an ad for employees and create a schedule for classes. Next would include signing children up for the classes that had planned out.

Finally the gym will be able to open and start; I would have a grand opening where all the parents, children and coaches can come and meet everyone and get to know each other. This will be the starting work that most likely will slow down as the years go on. While the business is up and running will need to make sure the equipment is up to par everyday, keep track of the finances, enroll students and actually coach some children myself. Overall it takes a lot of time and dedication but having been a gymnast, a coach and owning a family business, I know I can make it work.

Design a compensation and benefits package related to your dream job. Compensation and benefits is a large part for business and their employees. Since my business will start as a smaller/family owned business there will not be much to it. There will be no health benefits since most of my employees will only be part time and younger high school or college students. Most of them will still be under their parent’s health insurance and it would cost my business more than it would be beneficial to them. Next they will get paid hourly instead of salary because of pretty much the same reason.

My employees will not be full time workers and they will be in and Out of school so they will not have solid hours all year. Having them being paid by the hour will also be more beneficial to the business and the employees overall. 3. Rationalize your compensation and benefits package. Be sure to indicate the research and considerations that went into the design of the compensation and benefits package. There will be small goals for the employees to work towards to get raises and more hours. For example if an employee can get 5 people to join, they ill be able to get a couple more hours or two hours of bonus pay.

Or if they do not need to improve on the appraisals every couple months then they could get a small raise. This will all help motivate the employees along with making the business better at the same time. By having a smaller business there are not many benefits or compensations but there can be small ones that could also be fun for the employees while helping the business. 4. Imagine this is the only position of its kind in the organization. From this perspective, design a performance appraisal program to assess your job performance.

To assure that everyone is doing great at their job, there will be appraisals every month or so. But since there will be adults teaching children will be overlooking everyone everyday and making sure everyone is safe and make changes as needed. At the end of 6 months of them being there I will be giving a larger appraisal. This will either make them motivated to keep doing their best or it will give them one more chance to work their hardest and make changes or I will have to let them go. I believe these are very important for a business that works with children and a sport.

You want everyone to be fee but have fun at the same time. Since Will be the owner I will chose to have a meeting every couple months or so that the teachers are able to come talk to me about how they think am doing and what we can improve. Also I will give the parents a chance to come in every couple months to do the same. Believe having this will create a better business and bring everyone together and make it more successful. By making the employees and parents feel like they are a part and not just the parents of the children they are dropping off they will want to keep coming back and tell other families.

Appraisals are very important in every business but depending on the size of the business it depends how often they should happen. Also since my company depends on each and every employee/child I need to constantly have feedback and corrections in order to keep the business going and growing. 5. Rationalize your performance appraisal program. Be sure to indicate the research and considerations that went into the design of the performance appraisal program. I have researched a lot on appraisal programs including the videos we watched in class. That is how I came up with the appraisal program had chosen.

Since I will be a business owner I will not really have anyone else above me so I will need the employees and the children/parents to evaluate my work and business. It is a small business so having every one work together, it can eventually become larger but Will always keep the same evaluations. Having someone watch what you are doing at work and correcting you or appraising you on your job every day will make you keep going and love your job. Also having an appraisal every couple months will keep the employees looking forward to doing their best and to see how you think they are doing.

Overall, it will keep everyone motivated and working their hardest along with everyone working together to create a bigger and better business over time. Overall, with having my dream job of owning a gymnastics gym there will be a lot of rules and regulations with each employee because they are dealing with children doing a sport. But there will be hourly pay and no health benefits because they will be all part time and most likely still under their parents insurance. Each employee will be evaluated every couple months but they also will be corrected and appraised every day for their work.

My dream job is different them most because will not be under someone and will be in control of the business and everyone instead. It will be hard, but I am willing to do everything to get my dream job. Therefore, it takes a lot of time and dedication but having been a gymnast, a coach and owning a family business, know I can make it work.

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