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In this case, the candidate should not have many visible tattoos as many children will be in the theme park. From the resumes, some background check should also be done to check if the candidates were arrested at any point of their lives, if the candidate only committed minor crimes, further questioning can be done and if the candidate acknowledges it and is regretful about it, no discriminations should be set upon him and he should be hired if he meets the other criteria of the job.

Selection Test to get to know Candidate’s Soaks A selection test must also be given to the candidates where in this case, universal Studios can give them an Achievement Test to measure his existing knowledge and skills to know how relevant he is for the job. It is important to find out the Knowledge, Skills, Abilities & Other characteristics (Also known as Soaks) of the candidates through the selection process, to know if the candidates have the right Soaks for the job.

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Since the job scope is theme park staffs, the Soaks attributes that they should be looking for is: Knowledge – Basic knowledge of how to use computers as technology plays a big part In life nowadays. Skills – Language Proficiency and good communication skills as there will be many tourists visiting the theme park. Basic first aid will be needed as well in case any mishaps happen. Abilities – Must be able to operate with team members and provide excellence service to customers together. Other characteristics – Naturally active and cheerful in order to bring smiles to the visitors.

Type of Interviews There are a few kinds of interviews which are: Non-directive Interview – Interviewer choosing questions on strengths, weaknesses, career goals and work experiences. Structured Interview – Interviewer will ask pre-thought questions on a list on skills and experience. Questions not written on the list cannot be asked so as to maintain the reliability of the interview. Situational Interview – Interviewer will describe a tuition to the candidate that is likely to happen during work and then ask what the candidate should do in that situation.

Behavior Description Interview – Interviewer asks the candidate to describe how he managed to handle a particular type of situation in the past. The interview that is done with the candidate should usually include the supervisor and not just the HER Manager. Because the supervisor will like to give opinions on which person to hire as the candidate will be working with him. Selection Decision There are 2 ways of how a decision can be come about to select the candidate or hire, namely Multiple-Hurdle Model and Compensatory Model.

Multiple- Hurdle Model is the process of eliminating candidates at stages of the selection process. Compensatory Model is the process of letting candidates have high scores on a type of assessment and low scores on another type of assessment, compared to the Multiple-Hurdle Model which needs candidates to be fairly constant. In this case I think that Universal Studios should use the Compensatory Model when hiring Theme park attendants because it is not a very high level job and it is okay for candidates to be good in certain aspects and not as good in other aspects.

Communicating the Selection Decision Once a candidate has been selected, Universal Studios will then communicate with the candidate to let him/her know the details of the job, which are: Job Responsibility Work Schedule Rate of Pay Starting Date of Work 2. 2 Benefits of Selection when used by universal Studios By investing in Selection, it ensures that the right person is chosen for the job and this means having a low turnover rate. According to Blake (2006), researches has shown that it is estimated to cost $3500 to replace an employee who is getting $8 per hour.

The cost Of recruiting, interviewing, airing and training add up to a lot if the turnover rate of a company is high. Therefore by having a good selection process, it benefits Universal Studios greatly by saving on those costs. 3. Training and Development 3. 1 Training According to None el al (2014), Training is an organization’s planned efforts to help employees gain job related knowledge and skills, and with a goal to apply these on the job itself. There are many forms of training and some of the examples are: – Computer-Based Training – On-the-Job Training – Simulations – Behavior Modeling – Experiential Programs – Adventure Learning 3. . Implementation by Universal Studios Analyzing Need for Training There should be an analysis if there is a drop in productivity, employees can be lacking knowledge and skills and not due to lack of motivation. Employees must also be willing to accept training and for this to happen, a certain form of incentive needs to be given, like having a certain bonus for them after they completed their training and the training being proved to be useful. Universal Studios should have a profit sharing with their employees so that they Will help the company excel by accepting training and increase productivity. Designing of Training Programs

The HER Manager should determine what their Training Programs needs and have to plan what kind of training they want to give and if they want to outsource their training. The designing of the training should also include a Training Objective so as to let employees know what are expected of them and in what aspects of their job they can apply this training to. Universal Studios should have an Adventure Learning to get their employees to coordinate together and have good teamwork to be able to perform well while handling their duties. Adventure Learning is also a form of training that is not too boring since they have outdoor activities.

They can also use On-the- Job Training to tutor new employees by allowing them to learn from their mentors while not wasting time going for trainings which does not allow them to apply it to their job instantly. Since Universal Studios is also a multinational company, they will have to hire employees of different culture and race, therefore they will need to hire an instructor of their same culture to maximize the effectiveness of the training. Measurement of Training Success After training has been applied, measurements must be taken to know if the training has been successful.

The money invested in training must not be asset but there should be returns such as increased profits or cost savings. Universal Studios should have an evaluation form to ask the employees if the training was useful and important, and how do they go about improving the training. 3. 1. 2 Benefits of Training when used by Universal Studios By investing in Training, productivity will be increase and that also means that the revenues will increase which all companies would like. The employees will also be more bonded since training regarding teamwork is emphasized and they will work well together to make sure that customers are more pleased.

They will also be able to handle situations that occur properly. 3. 2 Development According to None et al (2014), Development is a process of combining formal education, job experiences and relationships to prepare the employee for their future of their careers. It may also allow them to move up the hierarchy of the organization. The difference between development and training is that development is preparing for future responsibilities while training focuses on current responsibilities. 3. 2. Implementation by Universal Studios Ways of Employee Development There are mainly 4 ways Of Employee Development which are: Formal Education Assessment Job Experiences Interpersonal Relationships Formal Education consists of employees attending Workshops, Short courses and also Lectures. Some job requires qualifications like Master of Business Administration and it would be placed under Formal Education. Assessment consists of employees handling small tasks of future job and receiving feedback for it, once the organization feel that they are ready, promotion awaits.

Job Experiences consists of employees having several knowledge of different jobs in the organization by having Job rotations, Transfer to another equines unit in another country, Acting promotion (Being an Acting Manager) and also Downward move which is not to be confused with demotion. Interpersonal Relationships consists of employees developing skills by having mentoring from a senior employee or by managers coaching someone under him. Universal Studios should use Job Experiences for development because it is a big organization and the employees will be able to have many different job knowledge.

It also makes the turnover rate lower, as employees know that they will have a chance of progressing up the hierarchy and will stay in the organization and work hard for their chances. Challenges faced in Development There might be some challenges faced in an organization when developing is implemented, which are Glass Ceiling and Dysfunctional Managers. Glass Ceiling is a form of discrimination not allowing women and specific races to get top tier jobs in the organization. Dysfunctional Managers are managers who is afraid of losing his job to his subordinate who is showing very good potential, therefore firing away good employees.

Universal Studios should achieve workplace diversity by not discriminating any race or gender and also to have the whistler’s rule to inform management about any potential ad eggs in the organization. 3. 2. 2 Benefits of Development when used by Universal Studios By investing in Development, not only does it keep its employees satisfied, it also makes the turnover rate lower, as employees know that they will have a chance of progressing up the hierarchy and will stay in the organization and work hard for their chances. 4.

Performance Management According to None et al (2014), Performance Management is the process which managers ensures that employees’ outputs are according to the organization’s goals. This occurs by letting employees know clearly of what hey are supposed to do and observe what they are doing and provide the valuable feedbacks for them to know if they are on the right track. This also allows them to improve on their own weaknesses and to bring out the full potential in them. 4. 1 Implementation by Universal Studios Steps in Performance Management Step 1: Setting a performance expectation of employees.

Clearly state each employee’s expectation of them aligned with the organization values and strategy Step 2: Monitor employees’ performance. Managers should keep an eye on how their employees are doing, whether they are struggling to meet expectations or not. If they are finding it hard to cope, some form of support should be given by the managers. Step 3: Evaluating employees’ performance. Provide specific feedback to employees as many at times, employees who does something wrong does not receive constructive criticism to allow them to know what they should improve on. Wesley Consulting, 201 0) Method to Measure Performance and Rating Errors Since Universal Studios Theme Parks is a company which is in the service industry, the more applicable methods are: Critical-Incident Method Measured based on specific working methods that are deemed effective or ineffective by the manager. Management by Objectives Measured based on organization setting goals and looking if employees achieve them. 360-Degree Performance Appraisal Measured based on combining all feedback from managers to peers and also self-evaluation.

Often rating errors happens, there are 3 main types of rating errors which are: Contrast Errors The rater compares an individual not against the objective standard, but against the other employees. An example of this would be all the employees are performing very poorly, but Employee A is still better than the rest, so he is getting a good rating. Distributional Errors The rater only uses one part of a rating scale, be it leniency by rating everyone highly or strictness and rating everyone very poorly.

Rater Bias The rater might not like a certain subordinate in the organization and tend to rate him very poorly although he might be producing good results, this is also named as Horns error. While Halo error would be the completely opposite of this, by rating a person very highly although he might not be doing very well in terms of productivity. Universal Studios should use the 360-Degree Performance Appraisal as it would be the most effective and fair way to measure performance because it test information from all levels to know how the employee is doing.

Often at top tier management, managers tend to overlook many stuff that the employee might be doing. This is also not that affected by rating errors. Providing Specific Feedback to its Employees Universal Studios should train its managers to give specific feedback to their employees once a month as younger workers want more feedback instead of just waiting to see the annual performance review. (Hit, 2008) By providing specific feedback to its employees, employees will then look to improve on themselves and cut on their shortcomings.

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