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This is mainly due to we are not granted permission to disclose the legal name of the organization. Basically, EX. Company has been established and embarked into Malaysian Education industry since the year 1999. The first student intake was relatively small in numbers. However, after more than 10 years of experiences, the student population has significantly grown up, with more than 1 0,000 students in few locations. The company is committed in providing an education system focusing on synergistic linkages towards the industry, developing and leading new innovative activities and research.

Therefore, the company has established more than 5 main faculties such as Faculty of Education & Social Sciences, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology, Faculty of Business, Faculty of Science amp; Biotechnology, and etc. As a result, nowadays, the company has emerged as one of reputable organization in the Malaysian Education industry. Despite strong reputation, EX. Company is continuously committed towards their Vision and Mission. They want to nurture professionals with high moral and ethical values, while providing excellent and conducive learning environment to students.

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In addition, the company is also carrying their core values. They are committed towards the highest standards of honesty, being responsible and accountable, pursuing knowledge and ideas, continuous quality improvement and excellence, and etc. Hence, from the day one of EX. Company established, the Human Resource department, which at that juncture was relatively small in numbers, has been actively involved throughout this journey in becoming one of reputable organization in the Malaysian Education industry.

PART 2 ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE INITIAL ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE EX. Company has been established in the year 1 999 which consist of relatively few departmental. Even though from the day one of EX. Company established, the Human Resource personnel have already played integral part in shaping the company towards becoming a reputable organization as it is owe, the team were small at first and reported only to Administration Department as depicted in the diagram below.

At that juncture, the Administration Department had only 4 resources including the Administration Manager. The roles and responsibilities of human resource personnel related are relatively small in terms of scope of work. Besides, the company strength was less than 50 resources with less than 500 students enrolled. However, as the company started to grow bigger and student population significantly increased, EX. Company realized that changes towards broad organizational structure were needed in order to threaten the entire organization.

CURRENT ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE Along the journey and due to the necessities to bring changes in the existing Organizational Structure, therefore, EX. Company made a decision to separate the Human Resource functions and reporting structure from the Administration Department. Hence, Human Resource has become a Departmental by its own as illustrated in the diagram shown below. Currently, the Human Resource Department has approximately 40 resources from multiple levels and heading by a General Manager of Human Resource Department.

The entire human resource related scope of works has been hanged accordingly. Furthermore, the total company strength has also increased approximately to 800 resources whilst more than 1 0,000 students have enrolled in few locations. The EX. Company Human Resource Department has since then been divided into 5 main units and further explains as follows: * Recruitment & Support Services which are handling the recruitment processes, selection processes, IT support services related to staff information, and etc.

Addressing the scope of work, Recruitment & Support Service Unit is the first unit that will be met up upon the first day of report duty, and the last unit to be met up upon the last ay of report duty to perform the Exit Interview. The strength composition is about 40% of Human Resource Department. * Administration, Compensation & Benefits which are handling the transportation related matters, staff and student accommodations, staff compensation and benefits related matters. The strength composition is about 30% of Human Resource Department.

This is due to the company’s drivers are located under this unit. * Performance Management ; Staff Development which are handling the monitoring and compilation of Key Performance Indicator, and also to manage the staff career development matters. The strength composition is about of Human Resource Department. * Legal ; Staff Promotion which are handling the legal aspect such as disciplinary and MOM related matters, and staff promotion. The strength composition is about 10% of Human Resource Department. * Training which is handling training in nature, and seminar or short courses.

The strength composition is about of Human Resource Department. Strengthening the organization, EX. Company has developed set of Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) and came out with human resource strategies on their recruitment and selection areas which will be further explained and illustrated in the next section. PART 2 HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT POLICIES [RECRUITMENT ; SELECTION] In any organization, an employment process is basically divided into two main phases, which are recruitment processes and selection processes.

Recruitment is the process of searching and attracting candidates to apply for jobs in the organization whereas selection is the process by which the candidates are screened for choosing the most suitable person for vacant post. The basic purpose of recruitment is to create a talent pool of candidates to enable the selection of best antedates at the later stage while the purpose of selection is to choose the right candidate to fill the position. RECRUITMENT PROCESSES Human Resource Planning Process. The very first step of any recruitment process is human resource planning process.

This process consists of development of policies and goal setting, forecasting, and program implementation and evaluation. Based on our interview, EX. Company does have proper standard operating procedures and recruitment policies that administer their recruitment process. These procedures and policies have been prepared and approved by top management and are being reviewed annually as the company wants to ensure that their policies are appropriate with the current environment and in line with the company strategic plans.

The Human Resource personnel of the company are also periodically conducting forecasting assessment to determine the current and future human resource requirements Of the company. On top of that, the company frequently implements various recruitment strategies to attract the best and right talents to achieve competitive advantage. This will be discussed in more details in human resource strategies section later. Identifying the Vacancy. The EX. Company formal recruitment process begins when the Human Resource Department receives request for recruitment from any department of the company.

In order for the recruitment process to commence, the Head of Department who initiates the request must gain authorization using appropriate documentation. HER and Finance authorization form must be completed for recruitment to all posts. Need Assessment and Approval. The recruitment request will then be evaluated by the Human Resource Manager and various factors will be considered in this evaluation. Among the actors are the necessities for the post, the terms and conditions required, financial constraint, and so forth. Once approved, a priority will be assigned to the job vacancy. Job Analysis.

The job description and person specification is to be prepared by HER Manager with consultation with the concerned Department Line Manager. These contain details Of duties to be performed and qualifications required to effectively perform the job. Advertising the Vacancy. It is the normal practice for EX. Company that all vacancies are advertised both internally within the company as well as externally. However, if it is noninsured that only existing employees have the required skills set; consideration may be given to advertise the post internal only. Medium of advertising will be discussed later in the human resource management strategies.

SELECTION PROCESSES Shortlist Shortlist is the primary component of the entire selection process used by EX. Company. The Company will only shortlist candidates for interview if they meet all the essential criteria defined in the job description. Shortlist must be taken by at least two individuals who are experienced in the recruitment process and who will be involved in the interview process. Preliminary Interview ; Application Blank EX. Company usually conducts two sessions of interviews as part of their selection process which is preliminary interview and second interview.

However, for non-executive post, only one interview will be conducted. The preliminary interview is done to take out undesirable candidates at the outset. The necessary information is also obtained from candidates and the authenticity of candidate certificates are checked and tested during this interview. Before the preliminary interview start, the candidates are also required to fill application blank. It contains data record Of the candidates ouch as details about age, qualifications, reason for leaving previous job, experience, etc.

Second Interview Successful candidates in the preliminary interview will be required to attend the second interview which will be conducted by a panel which at least comprise of 2 members that include Head of Department for the position as well as Human Resource Manager. All candidates will be asked a standard format of questions, which will have been decided by the interview panel prior to the interviews. All questions must be related to the job requirements and the candidate suitability to undertake the role.

However for teaching staff, the second interview is in the form of mock teaching where candidates are required to teach and present on a particular topic in front of interview panels. The interview panels will act as students and ask pertinent questions to test the teaching capabilities of candidate. Selection Test After the second interview is completed, candidates will be required to sit for two set of test which is aptitude test and personality test. Medical ; Reference Check and Employment In EX. Company, the selection of candidate is carried out by the majority view from the formal interview panel.

The panel will take account of candidate performance during the interview or mock teaching as well as during the assessment test. A formal offer of appointment is to be made in writing but will be conditional upon satisfactory results of references check and medical assessment. RECRUITMENT ; SELECTION POLICIES The following are some of the recruitment and selection policies that are being used by the EX. Company that serve as a guideline and administer the company employment process: Hiring policy The hiring procedure used by EX. Company seeks to ensure that they select the most qualified candidates.

As per explain before, the company uses a rigorous recruitment and selection process, which recognizes equal opportunity and IS based on merit. Equal Opportunity Policy EX. Company practices the principles of equal employment opportunity. It is their policy to recruit, hire, train and promote individuals as well as administer all employment decisions without discrimination to race, religion, age, sex and marital status in accordance with applicable laws.

Any incident or situation that an employee believes where he or she is being treated unfairly by illegal discrimination can be brought to the immediate attention of unman resources deep rodent of the company. Part Time / Temporary / Contract Employment Policy EX. Company also employs employees on a temporary or contract basis. However if the employee is employed on a temporary basis, he or she will not be entitled to certain benefits as given to the permanent employees, for example bonus, salary increment, overtime payment and allowances etc.

The recruitment and selection process for the temporary workers may also vary from the recruitment and selection process for the permanent staff as explained before and depends on the terms and conditions of the job itself. Promotion / Internal Vacancies Policy EX. employees who have the necessary experience, qualification and managerial attributes may be considered for promotion. However, this should not restrict the company right to recruit externally. In order to be selected for a position, the employees must go through the same hiring process as external candidates and must be fully qualified.

In assessing the employee qualifications, the company will consider the employee performance in current and previous positions with the company. Transfer Policy Transfer of employees between departments or to different location may be add by EX. Company at any time at its sole discretion. However where it is necessary to transfer an employee to another department, such transfer will only be carried out after the EX. employee being given a reasonable period of time to organize his/her affairs.

Employees who are transferred without their own request will be entitled to claim transfer expenses. And for the case of teaching staff, who is required to pursue or deepen their study in Other fields as a result of this transfer, the company will cover all the cost related to the study. PART 2 HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT STRATEGIES [RECRUITMENT ; SELECTION] RECRUITMENT STRATEGIES EX. Company recognizes that recruitment strategy is the most important step in the company’s quest to find top talent and by attracting top talent; it will help the company to succeed.

The recruitment strategies that are implemented by EX. Company are as follows: Internal Method Hiring through promotion or Lateral Movement EX. Company believes investing in their employees could help them achieving competitive advantage. The company always emphasizes on the training and development of its employees. As a result of this policy, the company keeps on producing capable employees to ill the position for upper level vacancy and prefer to promote from within.

Besides, EX. Company also provides opportunity for its employee to develop their skills set and venture in other fields within the company through lateral movement program. Such policies make it clear to prospective applicants that there are ample opportunities for advancement within the company. Information about internal jobs vacancies are usually disseminated from human resource department through the company staff portal or intranet. Recruiting through Internet EX. Company uses its own web page as the main medium to advertise job chancy in the company.

One of the advantages of using this method is that it is easily accessible by anyone and the prospective applicants can always browse through the company website to learn more about the company. With the applicants sending their resume online, the company can immediately get the application processed, be screened and forwarded to several managers at the same time. Employee Referrals Employees working in EX. Company are encouraged to recommend the names of their friends working in other organization for a possible vacancy in the near future. The company will offer rewards to employee whose commendation is accepted.

Advertisements EX. Company does advertise job vacancy in various type of newspapers especially when it intends to reach large target group and wants a fairly good number of talented people. SELECTION STRATEGIES In regards to selection strategies, EX. Company priority is always to choose the right candidate that matches the predetermined requirements as well as the correct skill set of a particular job vacancy. Based on our interview, We have been informed that EX. Company construct and design their selection process to meet several generic standards which have not been revealed to s.

The company believes that by adhering to this standard, the company selection processes are usually successful and meet the expectation in hiring the right candidates. However, the two basic selection method standards adopted by most of the company in their selection process and employment testing are reliability and validity. Reliability describes the consistency of scores obtained by the same person when retested with the same test. Validity describes the extent to which a performance that being measured relevant to the job.

Last but not least, to get the best result from the selection recess, it is very important that the selection process has to be evaluated constantly to see if the appropriate employees are being chosen. For example if the company has significant turnover in a given position, the process that is being used may not be working. PART 2 COMMON HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT ISSUES ISSUES Based on our findings, there are several human resources issues in EX. Company that may prevent the company from reaching its organization goals.

Among these issues are: Technology Technology plays a vital role in modern organization in achieving the set goals of the organization and its objectives. The global technological advances poses danger to HER practices if changes are not made. Many young talents dare to work in an environment where technology is available to execute their jobs and develop their skills alongside. In EX. Company, the application of technology is not up to date to meet the present demand of each department.

For example, even though the company has their own website, with a corporate career site, the application system available is not user friendly. The company should have also make the most of internet potential to reach out to pool of talent such as recruiting online through job portal or advertise job fair through that portal. In this information technology era, the company also has to ensure that it uses cutting-edge technological infrastructures and the Infrastructures are to be maintained as well so that it will reflect the good image of the company as a reputable organization.

Globalization When it comes to business, the world is indeed becoming a smaller place. More and more companies are operating across geographic and cultural boundaries. While most have adapted to the global reality in their operations, EX. Company is lagging behind in developing the human resource policies, trustees, and services that support globalization. The recruitment and selection process is done locally and does not attract international talents. Leadership Skill & Culture Can be defined as one’s ability to get Others to willingly follow.

Every organization needs leaders at every level. Leaders can be found and nurtured if you look for the following character traits. EX. Company may suffer for effective management from its policy of promoting from within. Policy of promotion from within runs the risk of creating a culture of dysfunctional competition among employees who will look to exploit every opportunity for advancement. For example, a line manager may want to promote someone that can listen to him and not someone that is well capable to lead, which will result in favoritism culture.

This could also negatively affect the productivity and objectives. MITIGATION The issues disclose above can effectively be mitigated through proper and strict adherence to human resources policies as mentioned earlier. However, EX. Company needs to advance in their R;D to employ compatible strategies and integrate the organization towards a unique goal. It is essential that the company encourage departmental staff feedbacks to determine whether the organization structural activities are done in line with the expectation.

If staffs are given periodic training and re-orientation from time to time, there is no doubt that the performance of EX. Company will increase. Human development is very paramount to militate against the aforementioned issues in this organization. Staff should be encouraged to continue study and develop new skills and this can be motivated by some addition financial rewards for any staff that obtain additional qualification, skills, or introduce ideas that facilitate to the success of the organization.

In edition to the above, EX. Company should embark on Total Quality Management to ensure that set standard are met. The theory Of balance scorecard can also be applied in the company to ensure that only the required resources needed for the production of first-class industrial graduates are used. This will invariably reduce waste and increase efficiency. PART 3: RECOMMENDATION FOR IMPROVEMENT EX. Company needs to imbibe on the following recommendations below to harness its productivities and effectiveness. 1.

Emphasize maintenance culture to keep the present technological instruments in functionality. The organization need to explore available technologies to enhance its performance and reach out to unlimited skilled workers across the globe. The company can use technology to compete with other organization in this competitive demand of the marketplace that requires a reorientation of strategic human resource philosophies and practices, which will emphasis a knowledge-based administration that uses sophisticated technology as a tool.

EX. Company needs to design an organization that includes technology as one of the major driver of the organization mission and vision. 2. The organization needs a recruitment strategy that creates opportunity for workforce diversity, cultural moderation, global talent attraction and expatriate participation in the policies formulation including modification of organizational structure and re-engineering processes. EX. Company should design formal systems in the organization to ensure effective and efficient use of human talent to accomplish the organizational goals irrespective of diversity and culture.

The organization should think global, decentralized its HER activities, make a global HER plan that include international interest, fraternity it HER strategies from competitors, delegate responsibilities to other region to encourage sharing of experiences and skills, integrate the overall result of it representatives and partners and design control to ensure compliance across its operations. 3. EX. Company can reduce staff turnover to mitigate cost of recruitment ; selection and compensation.

To reduce staff turnover, effective training planning and implementation is necessary. Employees can be partner with and be included in the policy making. Financial motivation and work satisfaction measures including change of job ascription to expose employee to new challenge and expand their knowledge should be encouraged. Financial reward for annual major achievers can be introduced to encourage employees to be self-driven in creativity and innovation. . Effective leadership requires a competent and dynamic leader that matches EX. Company mission and vision. Leadership selection without bias is necessary for EX.

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