Human Resource Management and Power Point Assignment

Human Resource Management and Power Point Assignment Words: 347

Please note that your submission will need the detail level of a report, so it is not suggested that you create the presenter notes in an outline or bullet point form but instead with complete sentences in order to show complete thoughts. Further, since a slide doesn’t hold that much information without becoming crowded and difficult to read, the majority of your submission content will be in the presenter notes.

Can attach a second document for my references? Power Point won’t double-space. You could but the evaluator will be grading only your Power Point. All contents you want to have under consideration should be inside the presentation. The evaluation department knows the limitations of Power Point and will not “grade off’ for the double-spacing of references. How long should my responses be? Each prompt should have its own slide. If you find you must have more than 15-16 slides, please make sure you mark your slides carefully so that the reader can follow your organization.

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In terms of length of the content itself, there is no one “right’ answer to this question. Each of us writes differently, and therefore will have a variety of lengths of response. The quality of your responses are more important than the length; focus on assuring that you have written clearly and with sufficient logic, detail and support for your statements. If the company establishes a system of well prepared and well delivered performance appraisal, what are the best results the company can expect? Employee perspective and company perspective good here) AY. What happens before the appraisal? Suggestion: ongoing activities and in the time proximal to the performance review) AY. What happens after the appraisal? Activities that occur just after the performance review (meeting) up through 364 days later. AY. If you consider the performance review a communication loop or conversation, what can go wrong during this critical feedback period? Illustration means giving detail and specifics. (see 83 below) AS. Of all those things that can go wrong in AY, how can we avoid those?

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