Business Law in the Future Assignment

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Chris Garrido Case studies #4 Business Law- Ralli 22. 3 pg 352 A. William ha bailey executed a note payable tp California dream strett B. four years later dreamstreet negotiated the note to cooperative central raiffeisen-boerenleenbank C. cooperative filed a suit against baileyto recover on the note 23. 3 pg 368 A. Wilson was the office mangaer of palmer and ray dental supply B. james frank ray would take the checks reciebved from customers and place them on wilsons desk] C. wislon was authorized to endorse these checks through the use of a rubber stmap reading “palmerand ray dental supply, inc.

D. wislon began to embezzle money from the company 24. 10 pg 385 A. Marvin rose was an expericened real estate developer B. one of his projects was rosewoo a tract of land in illionis C. the roses claimed that they were not aware of this language because they did not read the documents. The roses claimed that therir signatures were obtained by fraud in the inception because they thought they were siging term notes and not demand notes 25. 2 pg 402 A. Lousie kalbe maintained a checking account at the Pulaski state bank in Wisconsin B. kalbe made out a check for 7,260, payable in cash. C. ne month later sonme unknown person presented the check to a Florida bank for payment D. bank paid the check even though it created a 6,542. 12 overdraft in Kalbe account 27. 4 pg 432 A. murphoy oldsmobile inc operated an automobile dealership that sold new and used automobile. B. GMAC loaned funds to murphy to finance the purchase of new automobiles as inventory. C. murphy defaulted on certain loans it had received from bank D. the bank exercised its rights of setoff and seized the funds on deposit in murphys checking account 28. 3 pg454 A. Peter and Geraldine tabala (debtors), husband and wife, purchased a hosue in clarkstown. B. hey purchased a carvel icecream business for 70,000 with a loan obtained from peoples national bank. C. two years after getting the bank loan the debtors conveyed their resedednce to their three daughters for no considertaion D. debtors considered to residne in the house and pay maintenance expenses and realestate taxes due on the property 43. 4 pg 690 A. George carlin, a satiric humorist, recoreded a 12 minute monologue called “filthy words. ” B. father who heard the broadcast while driving with his young son filed a complaint with the federal communicstions commission C. federal administrating agency charged with regulating broadcasting.

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D. the fcc issued an order granting the complaintant, and it informed pacifica that the order would be considered in future licensing decision involving pacifica. 54. 1 pg 861 A. prior to 1918, the Petrograd metal works, a Russian corporation , depostited a large sum of money with august Belmont, a private banker doing business in new york cityunder the name august Belmont and co. B. the feposit became the property of the soviet government. C. the undted states brought action against the executros of belmonts estate to recover the money originally deposited with Belmont by Petrograd metl works.

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