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Immigration Immigration has become a huge topic in the United States for the last several years. House Bill 1804 has transitioned Oklahoma business owners to find individuals with legal status to fill their staff. In this paper I will discuss how this bill has impacted farmers and local businesses with labor work the average American wouldn’t do for the low pay.

House Bill 1804 In 2007, House Bill 1804 was established in Oklahoma. This is a strict anti-illegal immigration law introduced by Randy Terrible, Republican State Representative. Under his law it is considered a felony to give an illegal person any type of help if you knowingly have grounds to suspect them of being illegal. It also restricts the State from providing healthcare, education, or any other services to include infants as well.

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According to Marina Terrine’s article, “Oklahoma latest State recognizing anti- immigrant law was bad business”, said that “Since the passage of House Bill 1804, we’ve seen a mass exodus of undocumented immigrants who have taken up residence in Texas and other surrounding states where they pump millions of dollars onto those economies, House Bill 1804 did little more than put Oklahoma companies at a disadvantage by sending dedicated, knowledgeable workers to competing companies in other states. Losing that workforce has been devastating for many of Oklahoman industries, including agriculture, energy and construction. How Oklahoma Businesses are affected House Minority leader, Danny Morgan, Democrat from Prague states that “the lack of a well-trained and educated workforce is the top issue holding the state back financially. We have to develop a work force and we have to start now, and to be onset, I am not sure House Bill 1804 is going to help Oklahoma business owners”. Both farmers and your everyday mom and pops stores are feeling the pressure of closing business because of the drop off of immigrant labor. As stated earlier the average America isn’t willing to do the hard labor for pennies on the dollar.

Contractors, small businesses, and farmers are the areas where not have these individuals are hurting the most. According to Immigration Services 2012, “The impact of illegal immigrants on US economy has been drastic. 80 per cent of the arm workers, the major part of agriculture industry are alien immigrants. Since the labor is cheap, all the products related to dairy and agriculture is comparatively cheap as well. The cost that is paid to farm workers is less than $20 an hour and also the work is Just seasonal.

The work conditions on farm are severely tough as well and thus, majority of the Native Americans are not interested in such low paid tough Jobs. The agriculture industry as of today fears that implementation of this law might Just break their back bones since cheap foreign labor will not be available and the natives ill not work for such low Jobs. ” The small business owners enjoy cheap labor that is provided by illegal immigrants as well. It is believed by residents that the cheap labor provided by these immigrants cost them well paid Jobs.

However, some representatives of the government make a conviction that the economy of the country receives a major boost by the extension of Gross Domestic Products (GAP) as well as Business Law 531 By layers upwards due to illegal immigration. Over the years, there has been a consistent cost of Gross domestic products and it has grown over 10 billion dollars owing to alien immigrants which is of great significance. Undoubtedly, the workforce has increased due to these alien immigrants and this has led to more production, output as well as income of the states be it agriculture or construction.

In a free market economy, the prices of goods and services are also affected by alien immigrants. However, before the price is set up, various things such as affordability, consumer’s purchasing power and demand supply are taken into consideration by the manufacturers. The prices are adjusted according to the level of income as well as spending power of majority of consumers and the prices and profits can be kept in check due to cheap labor cost (Immigration Services, 2012).

Media and it’s take on Immigration The media’s coverage on illegal immigrants typically give the publics perception of this issue as Hispanics are people who take’ Americans Jobs and drives the American economy in the tank. A prejudiced is then developed against all Hispanic individuals and the assumption is immediately made that they are illegal. Media encourages tore type and bias of the Hispanic population along with other cultures. In the workplace it becomes increasingly difficult for the Hispanic population.

Prejudice and discrimination against immigrants in the workplace is a real problem. It is important to educate everyone on the realities regarding the civil liberties that apply to all people in the US, regardless of their nationality or ethnic origin. The issue of immigrants in the labor force and the US economy may have a negative effect as portrayed by the media. The two fold negative effect is the Hispanic population has or decades become very comfortable in some lower end positions of work.

The work is completed quickly and most time very well done and overtime and early morning work is no problem. Where this issue becomes concerning is that American companies that hire workers pay them cash per day or weekly, which means that these companies take no tax out and pays no tax for individuals. Here is an example of Hispanic workers vs.. American workers pay. The average American worker makes about $1 5 per hrs plus benefits. The average immigrant worker will work harder, anger and faster without getting benefits and less pay.

Conclusion Immigration is not something that is going to be fixed overnight. Numerous businesses are hurting from the missing labor that immigrants provide. While most American enjoys their well paid nine to five; immigrants are hard at work helping to fuel our economy. Think about the next salad that you eat or the next time you’re in your local grocer buying produce, the majority of it is picked and processed by an immigrant worker. Without their work force in agriculture many items that we enjoy today may become obsolete.

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