With Reference To A Conflict Over The Use Of A Local Assignment

With Reference To A Conflict Over The Use Of A Local Assignment Words: 518

Paragraph 1: Introduction to Heathers, include; Cost E. Billion How it operates . 2 main parallel runways-landing occur at same time 2. 1 cross-wind runway 3. Most blow south/south west to west, so planes take off into the wind to provide “life” 4. Plane passes every 90 seconds How it has tried to adapt to locals needs (no fighting through night… ) Night time fighting not generally allowed (after pm or before am) Compare to Trump’s development. For example has it been adapted for people’s needs.

Don’t visually benefit locals, but brings in tourists and income to area. Paragraph 2: The planning process of the Terminals and why it was necessary; Trading with Mounties overseas How the airport won’t be able to cope with more traffic without another terminal Compare to Trump’s development (was it really that necessary for the complex to be built in that particular area) nearly wasn’t allowed there because the it is an area of outstanding beauty, but Scottish government made it okay for Trump to develop his ideas.

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Paragraph 3: The main arguments for and against terminal 5; FOR: rapid growth in air travel, reputation, airport capacity, competition with Europe, its important as a global “hub”, local economic value, tourism and the eider significance. AGAINST: industry is heavy subsided, economy is overstated, HACK and FOE. MAIN BODY OF ESSAY -Paragraph 4: Economic reactions within groups and weather their satisfied Against Aviation’s contribution to the economy is overstated. It is only the 26th biggest industry in Britain, half the size of the IT industry and a tenth the size of banking and finance.

The aviation industry is heavily subsided. Airlines pay no VAT on aviation fuel, a tax concession worth E billion a year in the sass and estimated to be worth El 6 billion by 2020. Airlines pay nothing towards the noise and pollution they cause as there is no environmental levy. For Competition with Europe – The position of Heathers as Rupee’s number one airport is being challenged by other European airports, such as Paris Charles De Gaulle (COG), Amsterdam Siphon and Frankfurt, all of which plan to expand capacity.

Without expanding its own capacity, Heathers would fight to keep its place. Its importance as a global ‘hub’ – Several business routes from Heathers, such as to Achaean and Bangles (India) and Los Angels ND Seattle (USA), rely on connecting traffic for 50% of their customers. They bring value to the airport and the LIKE economy by making routes financially feasible that would not be based on local demand alone.

The wider significance – Although the enquiry noted that Weather’s contribution to the Auk’s gross domestic product (GAP) is probably underestimated (as there are no data to measure its influence in the Auk’s and Loon’s economy), the economic importance of Heathers is linked to its capacity. Restricting Heathers to 60 million passengers each year could affect the attraction of London and the Oxford international investors. TO would contribute substantially to the LIKE economy, and to the success of London as a financial centre and its ability to attract further investment.

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