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On the other hand, the final point Is Ago as the foundation for the conflict. Toeholds involvement in the major conflict of the play leads us to believe that the focus of the play is more about Othello flaws and weaknesses rather than Lagos villainy. The major conflict is the attempt by Othello and Desman to build a life together despite barriers opposing them such as age difference, race and experience and the destruction of their marriage by the envious and villainous Ago. With such a description for the major conflict, It can therefore be entitled Man versus Society.

Othello would be the man In this title meanwhile age difference, race and experience encompass society in the title. Just the fact alone that Othello is the only character acknowledged in this title shows his importance and already points us in the direction that the focus is on his flaws and weaknesses. The first barrier Othello faces in the conflict is the age deference between him and Desman. Desman is a young girl deduced to be In the age range of eighteen to twenty-five.

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Othello on the other hand Is a rather old man believed to be In fifty or zlotys. Evidence of this s ;an old black ram” to which Othello is referred as. This speaks to his age. This age difference is a weakness that Othello has in his marriage because it prompts insecurity which was a major downfall for the protagonist. In addition to this, race is also another part of society that creates a weakness in Othello and the social context of the play must be understood In order to understand how race affects Othello.

Written by William Shakespeare In his tragic period In the early sass’s, Othello Is mostly set In Cyprus with a backdrop of the war between Turkey and Venice. More importantly Othello is Moor or in other words a Negro and in the time period of the play as well as the location, Moors were a far from frequent sight. Proof of Othello race is seen in the line ;an old black ram. ” This not only shows his race but also invites a sense of opposition towards Othello from Whites and this becomes a weakness of Toothless.

These are the factors which create the flaws and weaknesses the main theme it can be said that the focus of the play is more about Othello flaws and weaknesses rather than Lagos villainy. Thematic concerns are one of the elements of drama and in the play Othello, the main thematic concern is the Incompatibility of Heroism and Love. This thematic concern, as it suggests, speaks to the fact that Othello is incapable of really loving due to his heroism.

In the play, it is noted that Othello and Adhesion’s relationship only remains in the balance for as long as his military administration. It is also noted that Othello was only really able to woo Desman by telling her about tales of his military travels and never really through any romantic means. The last act of military administration is seen in act woo where he views the fortifications and after this, Othello begins to lose his footing in a private setting with a sense of uneasiness.

At this time, Ago says ;a passion most insulting a man. ” By this he implies that Othello is unsolder, he is not in command, he does not know what moves to make. From here on we see Othello downfall as a result of not having military career in action as it was the only thing that seemed to keep his relationship in the balance. Having explained this thematic concern, it can be deduced that Othello military heroism was a weakness for his relationship cause without it seems his relationship cannot function.

Therefore the weakness of Othello is the focus of the main thematic concern and adds to fuel to why the focus of the play is more about his flaws and weaknesses rather than Lagos villainy. Through the fact that Othello has a tragic flaw in the play, it can be argued that the focus of the play is more about Othello flaws and weaknesses rather than Lagos villainy. Shakespearean play Othello is one which qualifies as a tragedy as a result there certain characteristics of tragedy through which the play encompasses. One of these characteristics is a tragic flaw.

A tragic flaw can be defined as a personality trait that leads to the downfall of the protagonist. It can also be a wrong action performed by the protagonist that results in his own ruin. It is the most important element in the tragedy and almost every hero/heroine of a Shakespearean tragedy possesses a tragic flaw. In the play, Othello is the protagonist and subsequently he has a tragic flaw. Though it can be argued that he had more than one tragic flaw, Jealousy stands out as the flaw that is responsible for Othello downfall.

Ago warns Othello of jealousy, saying ; green-eyed monster which doth mock/ The meat it feeds on. ” The comparison of Jealousy to a monster in that line speaks to the intensity of the trait or rather to the destructive nature of Jealousy considering it is indeed the backbone of Othello tragic ending. With that said, Othello flaws and weaknesses is the focus of the tragic flaw, the most important characteristic Shakespearean tragedies and adds to the belief that the focus of the play is more about his flaws and weaknesses rather than Lagos villainy.

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